Friday, June 23, 2017


Poor old Queenie ... driving to the State Opening of Parliament and she is dobbed into the fuzz by some no-name nobody watching on TV who took offense that she didn't appear to be wearing a seat belt in the Royal RR ... and to compound that fine piece of PC grandstanding said person actually rang 999 emergency services to lodge their complaint.   

I guess the person took the view that nobody is above the law, even the Queen.   Not right of course ... she is ... end of story.

What a funny old world we live in ... terrorism, pestilence and famine rules OK but 'seat belts' in a convoy traveling at relatively slow speed with all other traffic stopped to provide clear passage and one might be forgiven for suggesting there are more important things in life.


Shelldrake said...

Right on the money Vet. Any cop who pursued this crap complaint should be immediately transferred to the most detested police duty. The law is an ass.
I will forgive him/her if they pursued an investigation into an offence of wasting Police time.

They sure have more pressing issues to deal with at this present time.

gravedodger said...

My late Mother in law insisted the gummint had no right to make what she considered a daft law.
Her reasoning being if she was stalled on a railway line and trapped by her belt it could be a danger to her life.

Anonymous said...

All that was overshadowed by the facts that for the first time ever she did not use the state coach or wear a crown. The fact that she chose a hat that looked like the UE flag and looked like she was there under duress has not gone unnoticed. Along with Harry's interview where said that no one in the Royal family wants the top job I believe that we are witnessing a move to the more understated Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish monarchy of the people in the future.

Grave....this is the type of reasoning we have come to expect from the Dodger clan.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

gravedodger said...

You and who else Leggy, oh nearly forgot it was a royal wee that still stinks though
What part of MiL did you miss, as a patriachial bastard Mil is not of My Clan, even the low headlight Morris Minor Dowery did not gain her inclusion.
She was the very best MiL though loved me like a son til the day she died at 94.

David said...

And your MiL is a prime example of why we need laws to protect stupid people from themselves.

In what way could she possibly be stalled on a railway crossing in imminent danger? By poor driving? By poor car maintenance? Or because the "gummint" hadn't passed a law that made it illegal to park on a railway line?

gravedodger said...

Pity the old dear is still dead David or you could go round to her rest home and give her a piece of your mind, then on the other hand Hastings does not need another retard.

David said...

No, you're right. Hastings had your MiL, Akaroa has you. Retards for everyone,

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... not like you to screw up on your homework. This was NOT the only occasion that the Queen has opened Parliament 'dressed down'. Happened the first time back in 1974 in pretty much similar circumstances when the Conservatives under Ted Heath lost their majority.

Unlike too for you to go with the conspiracy theorists ... 'Hat that looked like the EU flag' and 'under duress' ... give me strength. Throughout her rein The Queen has been scrupulously neutral in public on matters of political moment (while not hesitating to 'counsel' her Prime Ministers in private) while the under duress comment is laughable if it wasn't so sad.

Actually I think the Queen was probably relieved in not having to wear the Imperial State Crown which was carried in front of her on those two occasions. It weighs 1.06kg and that's a lot for a 91 YO lady.

Anonymous said...

So you wear a blue hat with blue flowers with yellow centres that look like stars on the EU flag by accident without anyone at the palace raising a comment.....a statement has been made, exactly the same as last time which was snap election which had royal disapproval.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... grasping for oxygen. The Queen's favorite colour is blue. During the last twelve months she has worn blue on 29% of her engagements. Clearly she likes it. Now, if I really wanted to 'do' conspiracy theories one might argue 'blue' was her way of showing support for the Tories. Take that a step further and you might argue that her limiting clothes coloured red, yellow and orange to just 4% of engagements was her way of showing disapproval of Labour, SNP and the Lib-Dems ... but I don't do conspiracy theories because I'm not stupid.

Simple fact ... the Queen tends to like blue as a colour as did her Mum.