Thursday, June 8, 2017


Snowflakes are in a turmoil  after the NZDF exposed students at a Manawhatu school to their personal tools of trade.

Soldiers have personal weapons as part of their ability to do their duty in the service of the country and during  visit to a primary school, students, some as young as "nine" were pictured holding assault weapons which in military terms is nothing more than a builder having a chisel. In fact, in Israel, Switzerland and other jurisdictions conscripts are responsible for the safe keeping and storage of their weapons during active training and service.

I was shooting unsupervised with a single shot .22 killing rabbits at that tender age, but only after a fairly impressive instruction as to the potential for death to  be delivered from that simple bit of ordnance.
So never point a weapon at anything not a target, assume every weapon is loaded,  clear the weapons breech and fire the action before storing, scan the area behind a chosen target for safe background, never shoot at a target on ridgelines or where an intruding non target could enter the shot zone, never climb through or over a fence or other barrier with out making the weapon safe.

Taking a weapon to a gunshop for service, carrying a weapon legally purchased in public, having unloaded weapons on racks in farm vehicles or slung over a shoulder, raised no alarm in people who assumed that possession implied safe use and behaviour.

Recently a bunch of deranged and unpredictable soldiers of a skyfairy cult have largely eschewed fire arms and resorted to vehicles, blades and explosives in their totally abhorrent desire to kill innocents in a search for glory.
During the mayhem of the recent London "incidents" almost fifty rounds were fired by armed police to end the carnage and remarkably only one of the casualties being treated is reported to  have suffered a gunshot wound, non fatal.

Now a basic one day exposure to the reality of a  weapon as occurred at the Whakarongo school that has Hipkins, and Minister Kaye singing a song of intervention and poor old Delahunty in conniptions, only reinforces another departure from the  real world.
Meanwhile welfare, feeding kids, plastic raincoats and socialism are all persued with vigour as those charged with preparing children for the real world as wished for by socialists, continues unabated, while a constant part of the defense of the realm and safe weapon practise is about to be curtailed.

Guns pistols and rifles don't kill people, people kill people, guns are diminishing as a weapon of choice, other much more available means are on offer and being used with savage outcomes.


Psycho Milt said...

"Manawatu," if you please! It's only Whanganui that's had an 'h' added to it.

Noel said...

Oh for the old days of compulsory school cadets having to strip a bren gun and reassemble under the wrath of Hitler impersonator with a stripe on his arm.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Like Noel said.

Jobson Growth said...

Yeah, right. The hypocrisy of the freedom loving righties, always wanting to force other people to do stuff.

I am sure that bren gun stripping is a valuable skill for the 21C worker to have.

The Veteran said...

Sorry GD ... this time and with respect we will have to agree to disagree. Was this appropriate in a primary school environment? On balance I think not. Guns are there to kill and I don't think guns and young children are a good mix.

I wouldn't have a problem with the Police conducting a session on firearms safety at the year nine level or above but this wasn't the case here.

Paulus said...

I was 6years in Cadet Force in UK at my school in 1950/60s (and love it but parents forbid full time career).
We had a fully operating Armory - full time ex RSM.
We fired everything from 22s on our own range, standard 303's, bren guns, and small sten machine guns.
On courses I fired target 25 pounders and Anti Aircraft guns with blanks (Bofor, I think).
Palmy is a major Army base so I would expect the children may have a relationship with the Army somewhere.
A media beat up as expected - they were strictly supervised throughout.

paul scott said...

Yes good reminders to those of us out of school, who will be actively engaged in preventing the menace of Islam in New Zealand. Group, surveillance plan, execute action. leave no traces, repeat as necessary

Paranormal said...

Egbut, now you're guilty of peddling generalisations that have no bearing on reality. Have a look at the US crime stats compared to NZs sometime. That is actually look at the stats rather than what vested interests say about them.

If we were lucky enough to follow them our street violence you lament would reduce dramatically. In the US the assault rate is waaaay lover than NZs. You are safer in most states than anywhere in NZ.

Anonymous said...

And thus spoke the ancient one.........Times have changed and people with it. As kid I remember carrying a sugar sack with .303 rounds waiting with my cousin for the tram in Cathedral Square to take us to the range in Sumner. I and my contemporaries had not been subject to Grand Theft Auto or a life time of violent films that reduce the taking of human life in graphic detail to entertainment.

NZ is following the USA in it's street violence, drugs and breakdown in family life and values. The same disappearing values we seem to hold dear and bring up whenever there is a "Muslim" outrage are alive and well in France and Switzerland which is why their citizens are trusted with firearms in the home. This is partly to due with language because they have not had the amount of US "entertainment" but mainly because of the strong family unit and sense of community.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Dodger....surely you are not sinking to the depths of Troll Adolf DLT by removing my posts??

Lord Egbut

Jobson Growth said...

Don't call dodger dodger, because the stupid cunt from Akaroa doesn't like being called names. He, of course, labels all and sundry with epithets he thinks are witty, but simply show him up for the witless sherry drenched fool that he is.

Lord Butfaced Egg Nog said...

Don't call the stupid old cunt a stupid old cunt, or he will ban your arse. As for being sherry drenched, I doubt he could afford the cork from the bottle.

gravedodger said...

I have been in very sporadic and marginal contact with the blog in recent times, it is surprising how many of the places I find myself in with limited or non existant connectivity.
An email picked up by my blocked access cell forced me to decamp to where I could connect and find much that saddens me re my last post on the NZDF taking weapons to a school nearby the Linton Camp and creating a wonderous reaction from moronic parties who, while celebrating many other modern weapons, found supervised contact with the real issue somehow needing to be banned.

Vans, cars, trucks, kitchen utencils, have been added to the secreted explosives and other killing machinery of the modern soldier of Islam yet the army taking their personal tools to a school is seen to require some controls.

I rarely drink to excess, I never touch sherry, I am of advanced years, a normal fact of biology and history.
I have not deleted any posts for weeks and certainly not the Faux seeker of heredity titles.
Jobson was the latest to skirt acceptable and he has not to my notice caused further undue attention.
Yes I am guilty of guilding the lily with descriptives to accompany those named who trigger a response but as the author and owner of my posts that is just me.
Why the more moronic of you choose to attack my posts rather than just ignore them leaves me somewhat puzzled.
That latest affforts frrom the self appointed member of the aristocracy, and his minion peasants, is laughable and might have drawn a firmer response had I discovered the inanity earlier, for now it can just stand as evidence of the subnormal intelligence displayed.