Tuesday, June 27, 2017


It just gets worse for the little man.    In an interview with Morning Report Little said the programme wasn't sanctioned, approved or authorised by the Labour Party despite it being run our of Labour's Auckland office by his former Chief of Staff who was on his (Little's) payroll.

Further, that he has no knowledge of the scheme despite being in Auckland every week ... that is simply unbelievable ... either Little is an idiot or he is taking you and me to be idiots.

But then he proceeded to shoot himself in the foot (twice).    In the interview he admitted that when McCarten first floated the idea with him earlier this year (bang goes his assertion that he had no knowledge of the scheme) he told him (McCarten) it was a Party issue and a campaign issue.   

Who is the head of the Party ... Nigel Haworth.   Who is the Campaign Chair ... Phil Twyford, ranked #4 in the Labour caucus.    How does it feel to the thrown under a bus chaps?

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"More On SlaveLabour"

A much more fitting sobriquet.