Tuesday, June 20, 2017


or does Little Wonder have secret crib notes.

While The still temporary leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition continues with a vague and impractable reduction in immigration numbers as a sop to the arch racist,  currently running around seventy thousand annually by "many Thousands", questions remain
"Little Wonder" needs to have a chat with his joined at the hip melon who in a response to world immigration day seeks to raise refugee numbers from a current 750 a year to four thousand pa that will garner additional un counted entry applications from family as yet unknown.

So of the seventy thousand,  that includes returning citizens, and others who qualify and now additional thousands from the melon pledge on refugees, plus a difficult to account for essential skill category, one wnders where those missing thousands can be found to enable cuts.

Time for a blow torch to be applied but where in the inept media is there someone with the technical ability to ignite one.

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Pete said...

I read the number at 5000 per annum and concluded James had determined he no longer wished to be in politics. His announcement of intention to increase refugees intake along with his faith in the UNHCR is definitely not appealing and has removed any suggestion the Greens are a party for the environment. It has made them unelectable for this voter.