Saturday, June 24, 2017


One suspects there is much more water to flow under the bridge before 'Slavegate' is put to rest with the possibility/probability that Labour has broken both the electoral and immigration laws in bringing 85 slave workers in from o'seas, lured by false promises that they would enjoy access to senior Labour Party politicians and Party officials, diplomats and past Prime Ministers, while staffing phone-banks and the like and all the while living in sub-standard accommodation.

Mr Little is right to say that Labour is embarrassed by the whole affair.   His attempt to shift the blame to his ex Chief of Staff, Matt McCarten, is laughable if it wasn't so sad and dishonest.   Does he really take us for fools in expecting us to believe that McCarten was functioning in a vacuum and that he (Little) and Jacinda A and Ross R were collectively 'Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru' aka the Three Wise Monkeys of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil fame? 

What it has done is to completely destroy Labour's anti-immigrant policy while labeling themselves as prepared to use sweatshop labour to do the work they aren't capable of doing themselves.   And lets no even go down the track of pointing out the hypocrisy of Labour supporting the so called 'living wage'.   This is Labour's MOACF (virtual chocolate fish to the first to decipher).

Tuesday/Wednesday were good days for Labour with the nailing of a snowflake MP apparently bereft of people skills and then with National on the back foot who should come galloping to their rescue on Thursday but the 7th Cavalry in the form of the Labour Party.

Meanwhile and outside the beltway the latest Roy Morgan Poll (beloved by those on the 'left' as the only true poll) ... National up 3.5% to 46.5%; Labour down 3% to 26.5%; Greens 14% (NC); NZF minus 1% to 9%; all others combined 5% (NC).   No comment needed.


Seabird said...

So why did the labour party not employ 85 young unemployed from right here in New Zealand to fill those positions. Oh that's right they probably couldn't find that number of unemployed young people who wanted to get out of bed or away from their devices to go out and do an honest days work.
That's why they needed these people from overseas, or immigrants, to do the job for them.

Anonymous said...

Labour's problem is that they have no money to pay the young and foolish socialists.


Paranormal said...

Psycho Milt said...

So much wrong in a single post!

1. The use of the word "slave" in this context is embarrassing to you, not Labour. It's also egregiously insulting when considered against actual slave labour in NZ (ie, the cases in which migrant workers have their passports confiscated and have to accept appalling pay and conditions, and which Bill English endorses every time he blurts that we have to import unskilled labour because NZ workers don't want to work).

2. Offering foreign internships is a feature of social democrat parties and their supporters around the world, and doesn't break electoral or any other laws in NZ. The only unusual feature of this instance is that the organisers allowed it to get over-subscribed and ended up failing to provide sufficient infrastructure to the participants. That is indeed pretty embarrassing, and no doubt Little and Ardern have had a few choice words for the organisers.

3. Are you seriously calling staying on a marae "sub-standard accommodation?"

4. This has nothing to do with immigration policy, seeing as these people aren't immigrants and are here on visas that Labour hasn't proposed altering the conditions for in any way.

5. "Sweatshop labour" involves labourers, not volunteers. If you seriously are outraged at the existence of "sweatshop labour", you'd do better to start looking for the perps among National's many wealthy donors, who won't thank you for your trouble.

6. The living wage isn't an issue for volunteer workers - note the word "volunteer" in there.

7. Tuesday and Wednesday last week were good days for Labour, yes. However, Bill English's gift is going to keep giving for a while yet. On Thursday it was pointed out that he'd lied to Parliament (claimed he'd reported Barclay's alleged crime to the Police, when in fact he only mentioned it to them when they interviewed him and he didn't have any choice), and today he's claiming there's no proof any recording took place (did you lie to the Police when you said it took place then, Bill?). And that's without even starting on Barclay having effectively confessed to a crime on Wednesday that the Police will now need to act on if they want to maintain a pretence of independence from the government, and the allegation that a senior Nat official tried to obstruct justice.

8. Roy Morgan isn't "beloved on the left," it's accurately regarded as the most volatile of the polls.

9. Any effect the last week's circus has on polls will show up weeks from now, not today. I doubt it will have much effect, given that National supporters seem not to care if their MPs commit crimes or attempt to cover up crimes.

Alwyn said...

I am loath to point out trivial errors in posts but in this case I can't resist.
You are being too kind to Labour. They were on 25.5%, not the 26.5% you credit them wih.
Oh happy day.

The Veteran said...


#1 I can use whatever words I like. Not embarrassing at all. You are free to disagree if you will.

#2 It's unclear what sort of visas they had and the Labour Party won't say. You can't work if you are here on a tourist visa. The definition of work includes accepting free accommodation and food in return for work.

#3 I was only repeating what your slave workers said in describing their accommodation. Would have thought a shower that didn't work = sub standard. I have stayed in some superb Marae accommodation and some pretty crappy ones also.

#4 If you don't think this impacts on the credibility of Labour's immigration policy then more fool you. Hint ... perception can very quickly - equal reality.

#5 So it's ok to use sweatshop labour as long as they are volunteers? And we won't
even discuss the luring of volunteers over here on the back of false promises not

#6 Read 5

#7 I agree the Snowflake melted away and BE didn't exactly cover himself with glory but I would have thought mentioning it in a formal interview with the Police was the proper thing to do.

#8 I have read posters from the 'dark side' talk up Roy Morgan on blogroll left whenever 'they' post favorable numbers.

#9 Hallelujah .. we agree. The trend will continue.

And if everything is OK and above board as you imply then why would the nice Mr Little describe the incident as highly embarrassing for Labour?

Alwyn ... pse accept my humble apologies. 25.5% is a full 2% less than 'they' polled at the 2014 election ... arn't they doing well.

Anonymous said...

Veteran....still in love with polls I see. Drumph poll....wrong. Brexit poll......wrong. UK election Poll......wrong. At this rate Little is set for a landslide.
In the interest of balance how about highlighting a few of Nationals embarrassing moments

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

"I can use whatever words I like." Shades of Lewis Carroll there. Yes you can use whatever words you like, but if they bear no relation to reality they won't reflect well on you. Bill should remember that when he's claiming the Nats spent leader's fund money to settle an "employment dispute" rather than cover up a crime.

Perception can indeed become "reality" (in quotes because it's fake propaganda reality), if you have a large enough army of lying spin doctors putting in the effort to make it so, and supporters willing to repeat the lies. We should prefer reality that doesn't need quote marks around it.

I get that National and its supporters could really do with Labour having done something illegal right now, but this is just looking desperate.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... re polls. Not in love with them. Just reporting what they say. As for National's embarrassing moments and I'll leave that to PM to highlight (and he's doing it rather well with BE's credibility taking a knock). But at the end of the day people tend to vote with their hip pockets and right now the hip pockets of National's demographic are bulging with more to come in ten months time.

For PM ... Labour vs illegal ... are you confirming officially that the slave workers didn't come here on tourist visas?

Meanwhile the Hagaman vs Little case continues. A hearing date mid September is a possibility.