Saturday, June 24, 2017


As the National Party sponsored smear campaign to remove Barclay from front pages unravels I have one more question.

How many of the lucky eighty five who were chosen to participate in the once in a lifetime educational opportunity were Young Republicans  or Young Conservatives.

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Psycho Milt said...

You know National's spin doctors are struggling when even Audrey Young won't buy it:

Audrey Young:
No comparison between Labour's intern strife and National's crisis

"By contrast, the National Party crisis has undermined its leader internally and externally when leadership and judgment will be a huge factor in the election.

The resignation of Todd Barclay was the bare minimum needed after evidence emerged that Barclay had recorded his electorate agent's phone calls criticising him, and that English knew about it.

Little's response this week has been measured. There was no need for him to over-egg the position in which English found himself because it simply spoke for itself.

It was not just English's worst day as Prime Minister, Tuesday was National's worst day in nearly nine years of Government."

And it's not over yet. Given that Barclay's effectively confessed to a crime, the Police are going to have to consider whether they afford to continue ignoring what happened. And there's still the allegation that a senior National official committed a crime in trying to get the victim not to go to the Police - this one's going to fester for a while yet.