Thursday, June 22, 2017


Not dreams,
not hopes,
not ideological based predictions,
no guessing,
just fact based certainty.

Emirates Team New Zealand CAN win the 35th Americans Cup regatta being sailed in the Great Sound Bermuda just as Oracle can.

That TNZ have the faster boat is historical based truth, up until now,
Burling has won the first four starts is also historical truth.
Last time in San Fransisco NZ hopes were high with Oracle requiring a mind boggling winning eight in a row BUT James Spithall with Larry's millions to hand did just that.

Recently the NSW league team ran over the Queensland at home in Brisbane in what all the talking heads claimed was the end of a decade of  supremacy for the Maroons.
Last night playing at home in Sydney almost everyone with an opinion had the Blues winning easily to end their neighbours mortgage rights of ownership on the toughest title in rugby league to win and keep.

Well folks I have no idea if any overweight females managed to sing last night but in a stunning introduction of thinking aspects from Cronk Smith Slater and co, comfort zones were lit up to burn like the terraces at Carisbrook or Eden Gardens as the Maroons worked back from a half time deficit to send State of Origin 2017 to a decider back in Brisbane.

So media morons, please stop with the rubbish theories masquerading as News and report what happened , maybe if there is sufficient nous available see if you can understand why and how and finally consider the sage advice,
"It can be beneficial to be silent and have people think you may be stupid rather than open your gobs or is that pencil boxes, and remove all doubt".

Last night a team straight out of Canterbury Club Rugby with hardly a name known by any national media hack put the perennial top team from Heartland Rugby to the sword ten tries to one to retain the Ranfurly Shield.
That is news while all the drips under pressure pontificating on whether the boil on a players bum has the potential to make the difference on Saturday night at Eden Park.
The greatest potential influence for making all predictions go awry there, will be the fella with the whistle and that is as predictable as the temperature in Ophir on August the 17th at eight am.

The Greatest Rugby Series Evah, that is opinion, for a Wanganui team that had three players playing their last top level game, "for The Sheild", and a bunch of mostly emerging talent defending, last nights  game will be a far more significant imprint on their psyche than what happens on Saturday night in Auckland.
Yes I may be being trite but for thousands of NZ players and aficionados, provincial rugby and in particular 'shield rugby', is the Greatest Rugby series ever and it underpins what sustains the dominance the comes form a very small nation deep in the South Pacific.

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