Sunday, June 4, 2017

Here and There


Lord of the Dance said...

And the sane parts of the world show Trump and his Trumpholes what they think of the Wrecker in Chief.

Anonymous said...

Yes, tears it up and shouts, "Confefe!" while corporate America continues to poison the rest of the world with their industrial pollution.

Paulus said...


China is still the largest Polluter and has over 200 new Coal mines on the way.
They do not participate like India until 2030.
Some in the US are doing very well - look at California and New York.
You just do not like Trump as he is not Hillary.

paul scott said...

Everywhere where sanity and science exist outside the parameters of degenerate socialism, Climate hoax is seen for what it is.
A $100 billion transfer to third world countries each year.
The UN, EU, NATO and the New third world order are collapsing.
Yesterday the Polish PM asked Europe to get up of its knees, but it won't.
Science will regain its good name again when we destroy the toxic international efforts at reducing Western civilisation and science to a third world cesspit.

Lord of the Dance said...

An interesting perspective (and not AT ALL to diminish the horrors of last night for all those involved):
Deaths by terrorism in UK between 2000 and 2015:
Deaths from air pollution last year alone:

Paranormal said...

For those who think Paris was going to save the world here's a graph that might assist understanding of why the Paris agreement is farcical:

And LoTD where did your 40,000 statistic come from? I'll bet you it is another made statistic with estimates on top of assumptions based on pure guesswork.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Really? Sounds like bullshit to me. You sure it wasn't 39,953?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Further to last, LoD, it sounds like the sort of bullshit one has come to expect from that Master Bullshitter himself, Legbut who outwore his welcome here long ago.

David said...

You want bullshit, Adolf?

Here's is your tiny fingered tyrant:

As negotiators headed to Copenhagen in December 2009 to forge a global climate pact, concerned U.S. business leaders and liberal luminaries took out a full-page ad in the New York Times calling for aggressive climate action. In an open letter to President Obama and the U.S. Congress, they declared: “If we fail to act now, it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.”

One of the signatories of that letter: Donald Trump.

Also signed by Trump’s three adult children, the letter called for passage of U.S. climate legislation, investment in the clean energy economy, and leadership to inspire the rest of the world to join the fight against climate change.

“We support your effort to ensure meaningful and effective measures to control climate change, an immediate challenge facing the United States and the world today,” the letter tells the president and Congress. “Please allow us, the United States of America, to serve in modeling the change necessary to protect humanity and our planet.”

Trumplthinskin has now recanted, not because of improved science, but because it is convenient for him to lay up to the rubes like yourself, Paul Scott, et al.

David said...

Really? Sounds like bullshit to me. You sure it wasn't 39,953?

Not sure where LOD's figures come from, but a quick google (try it sometime, it won't hurt) shows that he is in the right ball park.

Air pollution is contributing to about 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK

Paranormal said...

There you go David, showing exactly why google is a problem. You didn't actually read the report did you, just looked at the headlines.

It is a generalist report, being a study of studies, from the royal college of physicians. There is no actual documented proof, it is full of 'may' and 'possible'. Whilst there is no doubt air pollution is not good for you, this report does not provide conclusive proof that 40,000 people die from pollution in the UK every year. All the way through the report there is continual reference to estimates. The reporting on the report omits that important distinction so that individuals with a hobby horse to ride try to call it factual..

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, is that the same sort of report which tells you seven out of ten children in NZ live in poverty?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I's so glad the President is able to recognize when he was wrong and to change his mind. You should try it some time - it'll be a new experience..

Lord of the Dance said...

I am terribly concerned that Global Warming is a hoax and we will end up with clean air, clean water, clean energy and a vastly improved way of life for no reason at all.