Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday's Fulminations

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Lord of the Dance said...

Ah the poor little snowflakes at The Australian will boycott the press council. Shaking their fists at the sky and stamping their feet, The Oz claims the Press Council is now biased against it.

The Australian will boycott testimony and not accept adjudications of complaints by the Australian Press Council in which its newest member, left-wing activist group GetUp’s deputy chairwoman Carla McGrath, takes part.


The Australian’s editor-in chief, Paul Whittaker, said the APC’s decision to appoint Ms McGrath to its board made a “mockery” of its role in independently adjudicating complaints against news organisations.

“GetUp! is effectively another wing of the Labor Party and the Greens,’’ he said.

Unlike The Australian and its stablemates, which are effectively another wing of the Liberal Party.

Such delicate little snowflakes at the Oz.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You must have read all that trenchant criticism of the Libs in some other paper.

David said...

Watch out LoD. Not permitted to criticise Adolf's bible here.

But you're right, The Australian is so far up the Liberal party's backside that you can see Rupert Murdoch. :-)

paul scott said...

One step at a time back to sane Science > good bye Paris in more ways than one .

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Bugger off David. Why do lefties ALWAYS tell lies?

In point of fact The Australian has taken on a decidedly leftist hue these last few months. Must be those dopey brats who stuffed Fox News.

David said...

Lies? What lies would they be? That The Oz is your bible? You quote from it so often. Or that it is a branch of the Liberal Party? The Oz hasn't leant left since 1974.

Failure to fellate Trump does not a Lefty make.