Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday's Fulminations

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Anonymous said...

Early comment - I have a New York registered Democrat (married 3rd very rich wife) cousin who suggested I look at the published biography of Comey.
He gave me a couple of sources. Wow - we all know that when J Edgar Hoover set up the FBI he kept files on everybody he wanted and of course very many disliked.
Comey inherited these records when appointed by Obama.
He came from a number of businesses - including from the Board (HSBC) of one with an enormous fine for corruption, but the fine was reduced to what it should have been at the time.
Before that he was top dog at the Arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin, along with that the very close and personal connection to the Clintons. LM obtained huge US and other Government contracts whilst he was there.
Obama appointed him upon personal recommendations as he could keep quiet with the enormous knowledge. He has received huge personal money in recent years so he is now a very rich man.
He supported from the Clinton Foundation from where it is accepted he receive large financial support against Trump. Comey lost as did the Clinton Mafia - he has nothing to lose as he of course has/had access to personal files of all leading politicians.
Reading through this public information there are many very serious suspect aspects of his political and financial career. There are other not published and destroyed papers and records also.
As cuz says whilst you may not like Trump at all he, with New York knowledge would support Trump against Coney.
He just called Coney a crook but cannot be touched - and the media have been paid off.

Lord of the Dance said...

So the Clintons give Comey bags of cash so he can undermine her campaign right on the vinegar stroke? You betcha!

Lord of the Dance said...

May may not lose, but May may as well conceded she was a foolish frump to call a snap poll simply for perverse political advantage. The people may have spoken and told May she may as well fall on her sword. The so called New Iron Lady has rusted apart on her first exposure to sunlight.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:03.....Straight from the Kremlins disinformation team. Minor truths interspersed with exaggerations and fake news. Anyone that Hoover had a file on is long dead.

Lord Egbut

David said...

Seems our resident Anglophiles (Adolf, Vet, Dodger) have left the building. :-)

Anonymous said...

O dear, looks like the right-wing blow-hards are in dismay all over. The UK PM on the verge of resignation and, in the US, poor, old Blabber-mouth Trumpie being called a liar by his former head of the FBI. Talk about being hoisted by their own petards!