Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Many worry that big money can buy elections, much evidence points to that being a fallacy.

Colin Craig personally spent large sums with no results.
An overweight foreigner enduring some immigration hiccups spent large sums and recruited a ragtag band of the hopeless in a failed attempt to buy immunity.
The US Democratic disaster  train built a war chest largely from their ultimate candidates power base underpinned by a Secstate appointment that included gaining significant sums from foreign governments who saw a potential favourable treatment downstream.
Alas that big spend was negated and ultimately overcome by another campaign that spent far less money while a bunch of media morons gave the winner too much free publicity as they tried in vain to destroy a growing infatuation from peasants, described by Ms Clinton as deplorables.

Yes many to the right of center give cash rather than spend valuable time as workers, (others give to left of center causes) while the Left can mobilize troops from  unions and youth who give time and effort that incurs no direct cost to the campaign. Effort that is never given a cash value yet saves serious money.
Editorially few media outlets here make any statement as to a support bias, recall if you are old enough how the Catholic newspaper was eagerly watched for an editorial support decision in the lead up to an election that was widely regarded as the Church's favoured party and for the followers to vote accordingly. Editor John Patrick Kennedy of the Dunedin diocese paper, The Tablet, was suggested to have the backing of the senior local clergy if not from Rome itself in his editorial decisions.

Voters are not stupid but are definitely open to having their vote purchased by overt bribery acts from both governments and pretenders while they equally punish harshly a government that attempts fiscal responsibility by way of acts that can be included in any austerity moves whether true or false in fact

Sadly truth and accountability for political parties are outside any of the provisions of the advertising authority standards that might have a salutary effect on what can and cannot be included unless it can be substantiated in the commercial world.  That leaves a yawning gap to be exploited by charlatans with little or no hope of reaching a point of being tested but can have significant influence on electoral outcomes. MMP makes such garbage even more attractive to a shallow media wanting 'click bait' and a need to fill column space to get coverage and only might or might not come into play in the formation of a coalition in post election horse trading.
Of course the main chance there is in the form of one WRP who will only have the interests of himself front and center of any deal he seeks and no regard for voters or even his ragtag  coat tailers. After over twenty years of MMP the greens are yet to be in a position where such opportunity presents, they resemble a worn coir mat at the back door of the NZLP office to date.

Democracy 2017 offers so much to voters who are required to do much analysis before decision time and sometimes confusion appears to trump  reality.


Paulus said...

It is reported in the US that a number of very rich persons and countries who gave to the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was Sec State want their money back - they did not pay enormous sums and not to get what they paid for.

Anonymous said...

Like who?....links please.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

Egg, I think the Russians are on their way to hack the ballot box in the NZ elections.
The evidence will be self evident if the election result doesn't please you socialist regressives.

Noel said...

Are the hacked ballot boxes the ones with the extra hole cut by a knife?