Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coalition From Hell

Some days ago I suggested the Greens might show some semblance of ability and Machiavellian cunning by secretly (very, very secretly) entering into coalition talks with the Gnats.  Would it be a coalition from hell?   Perhaps but not near as bad as the coalition from hell resulting from joining with the Great Satan himself, Winston Peters.

It would be a wonderfully humiliating way to consign Peters to the knackers yard.

However, as always, the devil is in the detail.  What portfolios and policies would you offer the Greens and to whom, in return for an iron-clad confidence and supply commitment from them.  (This assumes the Greens are even capable of iron-clad agreements.  Ask Labour.)

The only absolute criteria must be that any such portfolio could not put at risk jobs or economic growth.   This narrows down the choices because the Greens are the Job and Growth killers of NZ politics.

Lets first check out the people.  

Image result for metiria turei
Material Hooray might make an ideal Foreign Minister.  Can you see her, draped in mink and ermine, meeting with Silvio Berlusconi?   Would she give him the ultimate Maori insult by showing him the dark side of her moon?  Let's face it.  It would be difficult for her to do any more damage than that already done by McCully.   (Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Israel)

Image result for james shaw nz
James Shaw doesn't appear to fit anywhere.  Nothing in his bio indicates any ability apart from an aptitude for killing growth and jobs.

Image result for kennedy graham nz
Kennedy Graham might do for Veterans' Affairs.  He couldn't stuff that up could he?

Now,  what about their policies?  Which might be compatible with a moderate Centre-Right party? The Green Party's website is full of meaningless platitudes designed to hide the real agenda of killing jobs and growth.  Perhaps there might be the odd piece of good wool amongst the dry shit.

Aaaaah yes, here we are.

Country of Origin labeling for single component foods.   No problems with that.

Safe To School.  An eminently sensible policy, already implemented in most Australian states to considerable bipartisan acclaim.

Just as the ACT Party in its hay day took credit for Three Strikes and Charter Schools, so too could The Greens come to the 2020 election campaign with actual policy achievements to crow about.

The first time ever.


paul scott said...

You are having a Psycho Milk moment Adolf.
The latest green madness is that we should introduce lots of completely antagonistic pretend refugees, future colonisers, and less Immigrants with values useful to New Zealand.
You will get NZ First whether you like it or not. That's an obvious fact,
Reasons >> Waitangi apartheid / RMA / Immigration / Corporate welfare / cynical lack of policy / Regional development / borrowing 80 billion dollars during Slackjaw's time / stuff like that

The Veteran said...

Yeah right Paul ... No GFC, no earthquakes and ignore the fact that the last Labour Government of which your man was a part bequeathed the incoming National administration a decade of deficits (source: Treasury briefing papers to the incoming government) ... and now surplus, on surplus on surplus and no thanks to NZF.

Wanna talk about RMA reform when your mob steadfastly refused to support changes to the legislation.

Wanna talk about immigration and deduct from the totals the numbers of NZrs returning home along with the numbers from OZ looking for a better life here (and Brits/US/Canadians) and there's not much left UNLESS you're going to kill off the o'seas student industry et al. Hint to Labour and NZ First ... if you want to be credible you have to talk hard numbers against the various categories.

Waitangi apartheid ... that's a doozy. Consider this ... "The Waitangi Tribunal must fully, fairly and finally complete the settlement of all outstanding claims. New Zealand First believes in the concept of a fair go for all New Zealanders and this includes settling genuine historical grievances." Who said this reactionary nonsense?
answer ... Go to NZ First policy website.

Wanna talk about Regional Development with the amount of money being spent on regional infrastructure at record and increasing levels?

Winston scratches itches real and invented and produces populist solutions predicated on 'never-mind the quality, feel the width'. Winston First ain't a Party, its a cult led by a man who is a quite brilliant opposition politician steeped in the Muldoonist mold who believes implicitly that he knows better than everyone else.

National may have to deal with Peters post the election and so may Labour/Greens.
Whatever Party he goes with it will not be a happy marriage likely to end in tears ... such is the nature of WRP.

Call Key 'slackjaw' if that helps you sleep at night. I might respond with labeling Peters a sad old has-been, addicted to be bottle, who walked out on Louise ... but I won't because I don't do abuse.

pdm`` said...

Paul Scott seeing as you seem to be well in with Winston could you get him to repay the $158,000 he misappropriated in 2005 - using an interest rate of 7% and the rule of 72 lets call the amount now owing $350,000.

Adolf - Julie-Ann Genter seems one of the saner Greens. She might fit in as Associate Minister of Transport with special responsibility for cycle ways.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... you may recall that WRP claimed 'they' fund raised to clear the amount with the monies deposited in his secret 'Spencer' Trust account but that they decided not to pay back the money once Labour passed retrospective validating legislation (with NZF support) to legalise the rort. Then he claimed the money was being given to worthy causes which he declined to name ... some of the more cynical have suggested that Peters designated himself the worthy cause. Others have opined there was never any money raised and it was all WRP hubris.

All this from a person who railed against secret Trusts.

And you see why my prediction that any marriage will end in tears.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And you see why I'd prefer the Gnats to go with the Greens than go with Peters.

Anonymous said...

Veteran....Scott is man of many parts or perhaps many men playing a part. His/their brief is to destabilise and and push the rightwing agenda where ever it can be found in the world under a plethora of nom de plumes. However even he must have twigged that in NZ's case it is turd polishing to the nth degree.

Lord Egbut