Thursday, June 8, 2017

Breaking News ........................

.............from Colmar Brunton.

The Greens break back

Labour breaks up

National breaks records

Maori Party breaks down

ACT breaks even

Winston breaks wind

I reckon those enviro/commies are smarter than they look.  Come the election they'll stick a pitchfork into Labour and a biiiiiig knife into Winston.


They's send the skinny co-leader along to do a very secret deal with National, announced on election day + 1.

They'll give confidence and supply to the Gnats in return for a couple of seats at the table.

That'll send Peters sculking off to seek political advice from Messers John Walker and Jack Daniels.

  • National 49.0% (+3.0%)
  • Labour 30.0% (nc)
  • Green 9.0% (-2.0%)
  • NZ First 9.0% (+1.0%)
  • Maori 1.0% (-3.0%)
  • United Future 0.0% (nc)
  • ACT 1.0% (+0.6%%)
  • Mana 0.0% (-0.2%)
  • Conservative 0.0% (-0.3%)
  • Opportunities 1.0% (+0.6%)


Anonymous said...

I know National are now lefties but God forbid that national would give anything to the Greens that gave them a say in anything other than what they want for lunch.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, there's always the Minister of Lunches.

The Veteran said...

Interesting that the Accord allies collectively shed two points while National gained three and Winston First one. For the Greens their electoral alliance with Labour has been a disaster. They've tied themselves to a bunch of tosser losers and, in doing so, have lost traction. The Blue/Green Special Interest group in National has always been strong and increasingly influential. Looks like some Greens support has leaked to them.

The Conservatives are now in the same space as United Future ... an increasing irrelevance. Looks like some of their previous support may have leeched to TOP ... didn't know Craig's mob included dope fiends and cat haters.

I think also the support for the Maori and Mana Parties is probably understated. They're running an electorate campaign focusing on just seven seats rather than a nationwide campaign. The Poll focuses on the latter.

pdm said...

Adolf I don't think there has been a Minister Of Bellamy's since the late Percy Allen retired. He was also Minister of Silly Walks as I recall.

paul scott said...

Adolf > Reality time . The poll has a margin of 12 % undecided.

Now Adolf, the 12% are not really hardened Lab/Nat/Green supporters are they.? No that's right. read on.
HE will .. appear ... on TV Adolph and HE will be smiling,an apparition of the savior, and some of 12% will see and believe .
Immigration > Racism > Housing > Corporate welfare > RMA > cynical 'pragmatism' .
All that is needed is to turn the cynical NAT Government upside down and find its roots lost somewhere, then Winston retires.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... Minister of Bellamy's ... Jonathon Hunt.

Paul ... reality and you are mutually exclusive. The poll has a moe of 3.1%. Undecideds tend to split in the same proportion as the poll result ... but keep on kidding yourself that they're all going Winston's way if that helps with your sleeping.

WRP was never true National. He was always Winston first and foremost and a dedicated interventionist par excellence. As for being the MP for Northland ... awol and never seen. Thinks putting out press releases from St Mary's Bay in Auckland cuts the mustard ... doesn't. His bi-election comment that if he failed to perform and we can always chuck him out next time round looks like coming to fruition. He's achieved precisely zip, zero, nothing (apart from opening five electorate offices, shut most of the time) with Goldcard holders in Paihia/Russell/Hokianga still waiting for their promised free ferry rides ... waiting, waiting, waiting.

Your man stands revealed as without clothes or substance and it's not a pretty sight.