Saturday, June 24, 2017


As America is deluged with tales of the Russian (Putin) interference in last Novembers elections result, a far more dangerous matter of Department of Justice activity seems to have never happened.

During the very different and intrigueing campaign stumbling  to the election of the ex Democrat Trump over the very flawed Clinton News Network candidate,  an ex President, William Jefferson Clinton had a meeting on the tarmac of New Orleans Airport with the DoJ supremo Loretta Lynch where the topic, never divulged, is speculated to have been the handling of the FBI investigations that many Democrats believe were the final nail in Shrillary's last hurrah.

A very recent WaPo (Washington Post of Watergate revelation fame) lengthy discussion on Putin's FSB manipulation of Trump's victory.
It is facinating and free on the paper's website.

However it is a big reach to see how the FSB could throw Candidate Clinton under a bus so successfully.
Get her speach writer to include a massive insult tossed at a large chunk of Trump supporters when she called them a toxic bunch of "Deplorables".
Make massive errors born of arrogance in campaign stops where the locked in New York and California voters were targeted while 'Rust' states were ignored as safely on board.
Spend so much effort on the already serious campaign of personal denigration of her opponent being run by the media Party, instead of attempting "presidential" TV.
HRC's campaign was judged in retrospect to have been flawed and it was all down to the Russians.
That premise is based on what. Her manipulative transfer of a large chunk of US Uranium stocks to Putin, the large donations to her Clinton Foundation funding stream from Russian sources, and 'Porch Dog'  Billy Boy's doubled speakers fees in Russia.

Will the Blow torch ever be lined up on the actions of Lynch, and The Meuller investigations being run by Comey's very best freind with a large input from ex Clinton intimates as various Counsel. One area with limited options for The President to interfere as any attempt will immediately involve real obstruction of justice cases, not the rubbish being presented until the present time around Comey's sacking.

Of course the US, The CIA, The NSA et al have never even tried to interfere in foreign electoral systems, oh and I still have a bridge for sale nearly new and only used by church goers on random Sundays.


Anonymous said...

J Edgar Hoover created the FBI as a corrupt world of its own.
Hasn't changed, only got bigger with wider corruption, as has been seen, particularly over recent years.
It is totally biased in whoever has the most money.
Remember all that matters in the USA is who has the most money.
Without money you have no standing whatsoever injustice.
The Clinton Foundation is one example of recent times.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:52

Its an open forum you are allowed your opinion but you are not allowed your own facts.

Please supply links to "corrupt" FBI but not individual failings or poor judgement by an individual.

Lord Egbut