Monday, June 19, 2017


A bunch of dodgy young middle eastern looking  males, no females, invaded one of London's iconic historic spaces where they attacked a peaceful group of men gathered in what turned out to be a seriously flawed attempt to uplift silverware that consensus had established they  had a right of claim.
The Oval in Kensington, a place of much history and drama was scheduled to hold the fifty over game between England and Wales and the brash ex convict descendents from a south pacific island sometimes described as the West Island Of the independent nation discovered by an itinerant Dutch sea captain in the mid seventeenth century,  then  peopled by a bunch of savages so backward they had no wheels for their rescue vehicles, leading to much angst when captives were forced to walk into slavery.

I digress, the Muslim men, intent on stealing a trophy that was intended to be competed for by Anglo Saxons, armed with wooden clubs and white leather spheres, invaded the London open space wearing mainly green clothes that could have been uniforms attacked a similar number of men similarly clad in blue. It to all intents and purposes it resembled gang warfare, two civilians, wearing yellow shirts, tried in vane to keep order in the total absence of anyone from the constabulary and the incident ended with the green clad gang claiming victory over the blue mob and  surprisingly, there seemed to be no serious injuries between the two groups some hours later.

UK Prime Minister May was too preoccupied trying to make sense of the nearby burning of a tower block and was unavailable for comment.
The descendents of Players and Gentlemen and the deported convicts were conspicuously absent from the traditional meeting ground, clearly having become irrelevant in the growing invasion of "men of Middle Eastern appearance" who fought over the territory and the trophy. it was rumoured a substantial sum of Sterling was also missing.


DenMT said...

Egregious timing.


Anonymous said...

Do I detect a rare vein of satire and, dare I say it, humour running through this post?

Worth mining as I believe a caring sharing human lies underneath.

Lord Egbut