Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Soft And Vulnerable Target

What better than an apartment building?

Image result for grenfell fire

While there has not thus far been any comment as to the cause of this fire or how many people, if any, have been killed, it will not surprise me if ISIS claim this event as their own.

It is just too much of a coincidence that a 27 story residential building would catch fire in such a way and so quickly that people could not get out and fire fighters could not quell the blaze.  The blase has all the hallmarks of ISIS.  A soft, unguarded target, filled with vulnerable civilians.

Shades of twin Towers.

And for all those who say 'wait until more information is available' I say, get lost.


Anonymous said...

I have forwarded your findings to the Metropolitan Police, they are very grateful for your input but inform me the Tooting branch of the young Socialist party have already claimed it as their own.

Betty Swollax

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Very funny - not. If they didn't do it, by hell, they've just been shown a whole lot of easy new targets.

It is strange that for the past two hours there have been no official reports on casualties apart from the Ambulance service saying it has taken 30 people to hospital. During that time I've seen a number of eye witness reports of people jumping from high level windows.

David said...

You mean, shock horror, they never saw "Towering Inferno"?

or what about this?

In July 2009, six people were killed and more than 20 injured in a blaze at Lakanal House, a tower block in Camberwell, south-east London.

In May 1968, four people were killed and 17 injured when Ronan Point, a tower block in Newham east London, partially collapsed after a gas explosion, which blew out several load-bearing walls.

But Adolf, I have it on good authority that ISIS are grateful for your suggestions.

Maybe next they'll learn how to make ammonium nitrate and nitromethane fertilizer truck bombs.

El Shad said...

Even for you Adolf, this is well beyond the pale. You must be a very damaged person, I hope the Grace of Satan can heal your soul.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Melt away, Snowflake.

El Shad said...

It is people who are melting I that �� but I suppose wrong colour and wrong religion

Monolo said...

I once had a beer with Cam Slater and thought that he and his wife were the dirtiest pieces of shit I had ever met. That was until I read this post. You are one very, very sick puppy I can only hope that one day you see a person you love shredded in in a council mulcher while you are tied to a fucking cross.

Anonymous said...

Manolo you come across as rather nasty , ignorant and small minded.
No doubt a consequence of your failure to narrow the field of your possible fathers.
Sad , but don't take it out on others.

EH of D

Noel said...

Whats the latest....electrical fridge fire and retrofitted non fire resistant internal and external cladding.
Nah cant be..gotta be them meselins.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Amazing how so many dumbarses read a post and construe it into something it is not.