Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Worst Prime Minister Ever?

Well, in living memory, perhaps.

In Australia, the stand out winner has to be the Liberal Party's greatest ever dope, Billy 'Big Ears' McMahon.

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It was widely reported but, of course, never confirmed that he was a poofter who was forced by his party's hierarchy to marry a glamorous long legged sheila so as to convince the sheeple he was a real dinky dy bloke.  It didn't work and he was thrashed in 1972 by Labor's Gough Whitlam.

Second place goes to Julia 'there'll never be a carbon tax' Gillard followed by nose picking, ear wax munching Kevin Rudd.

In New Zealand, the stand out winner has to be Labour's Helen Clark.

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It was widely reported but, of course, never confirmed that she was a lesbian who was forced by her party's hierarchy to marry a weedy academic bloke so as to convince the sheeple she was a real dinky dy sheila..  It didn't work and she was thrashed in 2008 by National's John Key.

Also widely reported but, of course, never confirmed was the story that her husband was arrested for kiddy fiddling in a Los Angeles Airport toilet and Winston Peters was rushed there in an air force jet to bring the weed back.

Second place goes to the hopeless Geoffrey Palmer, closely followed by the megalomaniac Muldoon.


Allan said...

You nailed it beautifully. The world was a better place the day these clowns left the political arena. Hopefully Hulun will be nothing but a bad dream and remain far removed from the NZ Political scene in perpetuity.The damage that was done to society because of her twisted views on life is very evident today with the breakdown of values and standards in general.

Anonymous said...
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SHG said...

Anthony Eden: "hold my beer"

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Bad luck, anonymous. If you want to comment here, kindly get yourself a name or pseudonym.

Anonymous said...

John Key, the worst PM ever, for very obvious reasons. John F Key. History will prove this.

Not Anon

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Helen Clark was gay, it didn't affect how she governed the country, and she was a smart economic manager.
John Key betrayed the people who voted for change, he betrayed National party supports and the ideals of the National party, and most of all, he betrayed the silent majority on all leftists fronts. He lied to be PM, and he never stopped once he got there.
At least Clark was upfront with her agenda - Key simply rolled it out further to Southern extremes.

Not Anon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Funny how Key haters see things.

John Key gave NZers the best economic performance they've had for decades.

That fantastic economic manager Clark gave NZ recession with a capital R.

Anonymous said...

That's why our debt has ballooned, wages are at an all-time low, employers are now able to exploit workers big time, and worst of all, it costs over a million bucks for a pile of brick and mortar, no matter what the condition, in any and every Auckland suburb and backwater. Thanks to Key, generation Rent will never ever own a home, something that every Kiwi generation up to now has been able to do. How fair is that.
Ah, but why should he care, doesn't affect Key or his family, never ever will.
Hawaii must be so awesome!!

Non anon.

pdm said...


I must say I look on Key as being a disappointment. He was elected in 2008 with a mandate to reverse the excesses and incompetence of the Clark governments. Initially he was excellent through the Global Financial Crisis and the Christchurch earthquake but then allowed himself to swing too far left with corporate welfare and pandering to left wing interest groups and Iwi.

Having said that he was still A plus for personality and marketability with a very sharp mind - just a shame he did not fully capitilise on them.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about personality and marketability though? It's meaningless.
Key marketed himself to be PM, then cut the country to pieces, on most fronts.
We have been sold out to Chinese interests, people are struggling to survive,
home owners are now all Lotto winners by default and young people have overcrowded cities, houses that cost ten times the average wage, overcrowded everything, especially schools and jobs, and our paradise is now in jeopardy, just so that National can feel good about its open slather immigration policy. Wasn't like that under Clark, not ever.

Non anon.