Sunday, May 28, 2017

Who says there's never any good news?

Not me - this news is great!

Who'd have thought?  Once the campaign starts and voters start hearing from Jeremy Corbyn himself rather than reading about him in rabid Tory rags, his approval ratings take a sudden spike upwards. Probably too late to do any good, but the Tories' discomfort is a sheer pleasure to watch.  I bet the phones are running hot between Conservative Party HQ and their pals running Britain's media.

Only down side is that we're unlikely to see an equivalent Labour spike here - pity.


Al Kida said...

I am sure that May will be talking to Trump, Putin, Kushner to find Corbyn's missing emails.

pdm said...

Hard to understand why this is happening - if indeed it is right. Only one poll I assume so not a trend.

From what I have seen of May shehas been impressive and doing everything right. I was living in the UK when she wasmade Home Secretary and she appeared to do a good job there.

Corbyn even getting close would be a disaster for Britain.

Jobson Growth said...

"Corbyn even getting close would be a disaster for Britain."

No, it would be a disaster for those who put profit before people.

It would be a disaster for those who think that the best way to prevent terrorism is to terrorise other countries.

It would be a disaster for the Blairites who stole the Labour Party.

It would be a disaster for Tony Blair as he is prosecuted for war crimes.

For everyone else it would be a boon.

Psycho Milt said...

Oh, it's a trend alright - check out the graph on the Wikipedia page for UK election polling. Multiple polls over the last month show Labour going up rapidly, and the same is happening to Corbyn's personal popularity.