Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Teresa May has raised the security status for the UK from severe to critical, gee that is a comfort!

Then what Terresa?

Can anyone link me to a single Immam, Sheik, Mullah, or Islamic political leader who has condemned the atrocity in Manchester and called for Islam to change its collective slavish following of a text nearly 1500 years unchanged.

Western civilisation is a bunch of lemmings heading for the cliff


Jobson Growth said...

I can appreciate the google can be challenging for seniors, so here you go.





You may also like to be informed that Muslims were also amongst the first responders from the emergency services, Muslims were among the business and home owners who offered shelter and respite, Muslims weer among the Taxi drivers who carried passengers home or to hospital without financial reward.

Yes, this modern world with its other religions must be upsetting to those in their declining years, but I never see you make similar demands of Christians when one of theirs (yours?) murders doctors, gays, trans folk, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, socialists, or communists all because some 2000 year old book tells them it is OK.

Not all religious people are evil, but it takes religion to aid horrid people doing despicable acts.

Noel said...

I don't think you understand how going to critical is going to change things.
All of a sudden there are thousands of police available who have been replaced in the guarding duties by Defence personnel.

The best kiwi analogy would be NZ Police raiding a gang street searching for a dangerous gang member. The outcome will be many various charges unrelated to the original warrant.
They may not get their man but there is a good chance he will turn himself in, probably injured because he brought THE SHIT(Filth not used here) into the Hood.

All those tit-bits that had to be prioritised now have the manpower to be investigated.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thank you for a bit of refreshing common sense, Noel.

macdoctor said...

No-one makes similar demands on Christians because they are in the forefront of condemnation for said acts - and those acts are extremely rare (when was the last time you heard of a Christian murdering a socialis, communistt or a Buddhist??).

I am pleased to see some swift condemnation from the Muslim community leaders, although I note that the words Islam and Jihad are absent from their responses and I still don't see any comment from Imams.

paul scott said...

Death to Islam.

Anonymous said...

Macdoctor and › News › National

Now show me the nice RC clergy who kept their mouths firmly shut while the Provo's were bombing women and children on an industrial many Irish Catholic clergy stood up and condemned the Birmingham pub bombers who blew 80 to bits?

The selective reading amongst some of you very worrying.

Lord Egbut

David said...

Macdoctor, perhaps you are too young to remember the Rwanda genocide. Among the murderers were a number of Catholic Priests and Nuns. Some were tried and sentenced in absentia. Why? Because they were given succor by the church, they were given new parishes by the church. IIRC, it wasn't until 2014 that the Vatican even acknowledged the participation of its clergy.

Then there is the Army of God in the good 'ole USA.

There is the Lord's resistance Army in Uganda, Sudan and Congo. Still killing people and still not hearing them denounced by Christian leaders.

All around the world, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, and Jews are killing in the name of their god(s).

The one group you don't see killing is your friendly, next door secular humanist.

David said...

Lord Egbut, well said.

Also, note that the IRA received much of its funding from Americans. The US government did nothing to stop the flow of funds to terrorists. The church stood silent, but at least the people of UK did not demand the deportation of all Irish, catholic or not. They did not tar the lot with the crimes of the few.

We have also seen the disgusting Roger Franklin, online editor of Quadrant, declaring that if there had been a shred of justice that blast would have detonated in an Ultimo TV studio. After copping justified shellacking, he has modified the original post, but that makes his repugnant views no less repugnant.

Quadrant is no longer welcome to shelf space in my business.

Noel said...

Hey Nuttbutt how on earth do you reconcile my observations with with those of Macdocter.
Time to return to Specsavers