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and well answered by Dennis Prager.

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Yesterday was a short video clip featuring Dennis Prager an American syndicated Radio Journalist who posed the answered a question I have often wondered about.

During the National Socialists reign of terror between the early 1930s and its destruction in 1945 The Hitler Regime stands condemned for a systematic slaughter of Jews, Gypsys, mentally retarded, political opponents, in fact anyone who the leader and his coterie decided were a problem. It was organised on an industrial scale and became named in history as "The Holocaust".
A bit of history that causes much denunciation today nearly three quarters of a Century later with the Nazi symbol still banned and causing grief in many places.

Another symbol, the Hammer and Sickle of communism gets no such negative press in fact along with the ugly ditty about a red flag is still in regular use today, even at a meeting of a modern socialist party.
Now for me the kicker, while Herr Schickelgreuber and his fanatical band of fruitcakes murdered over six million Jews, too many Gypsys, Slavs, and others regarded as a problem, and ran the world into a conflagration that killed many more millions,  is universally condemned, communism is never regarded with the repugnant distaste far too many invest on Nazis and their Fascist mates Japan and Italy's Musolini.
As Prager alludes to in his little homily on a simple facet that has exercised me for decades, good old boy Stalin managed to slaughter at least twelve million of his citizens during his lurch into collectivisation, he then in the later thirties embarked on a goon squad killing of perceived opponennts including almost all of his general staff. For a next move Uncle joe then signed up a blueprint designed to destroy Poland and gave good ole Adi a free reign to get into WW2, of course Uncle joe ignored the obvious elephant in the room and indulged hisself in a bit of Pole slaughter.
So by now Uncle Joe indulging in his usurpation of Lenin and Co having began Communist inspired slaughter of Soviets that was but a forerunner for another despot still highly regarded today, dear old  fatboy Mao Zedung whose "Brand Communist" killed untold millions of Chinese during its establishment and development.
 Then add in the puppets of Eastern Europe, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos and today another Fatboy rules North of the 49th paralel and is killing opponents and helpless starving  citizens as we speak.

Not a word of condemnation for the ravages of Communism from the snowflakes but of course I forgot momentarily "It Is Different When the Socialistss do it".


paul scott said...

Just for the garish photographic effect I had a red [hammer and sickle] flag in the living room.
Then I read Prager, realised I was being pretentious, so I replaced it with a red and yellow Spanish flag. So I was still being pretentious, then I realised I was just old and stupid, like one of those clowns who wear Che Gueverra T shirts, or jeans. So I wrote to Winston Peters about some insignia things, and he ignored me as usual.

David said...

The People's Flag is deepest red,
It shrouded oft our martyred dead,
And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
Their hearts' blood dyed its every fold.
Then raise the scarlet standard high.
Beneath its shade we'll live and die,
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We'll keep the red flag flying here.
Look round, the Frenchman loves its blaze,
The sturdy German chants its praise,
In Moscow's vaults its hymns were sung
Chicago swells the surging throng.

The Veteran said...

Puke David Puke ... you're a century plus OOD (except for Venezuela and North Korea) but, if that rings your bell, who am I to argue. Clearly you have a friend in Mr Wainwright (Last of the Summer Wine) although that series may be a little 'high brow' for you.

Anonymous said...

I know the subject is bit complex for you to grasp but I will try anyway. All the fore mentioned countries are NOT communist. They quite happily use the titles but they are meaningless as much as the Democratic Republic of the Congo is meaningless. To try and insinuate that other govts in the world who lean towards socialist policies are somehow tarred with the brush of mass murderers is a/. insulting your readers intelligence and b/. doing exactly what these dictators do in lying to their people.

Where did Karl Marx get his inspiration from?....

I live in a commune, French for community, and I am a communaute of my village. Communist is just a word like democrat that can be used for any situation to whip up the masses.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... yes, ok, I accept the fact that the British Labour Party close their Conference with the singing of the International as do other socialist parties (and anarchists too ... funny that) but the reality is too that it is better associated with the USSR (that was) and it's repressive regime which still is.

The word Communist is redundant in today's society along with the hackneyed phase ... 'the working class'. The world has moved on since the days of Marx and Engels. Dialectical materialism is but a footnote of history.

So I guess what I'm saying, in a roundabout way, is that your 8.51 post is not too far off the mark.

Jobson Growth said...

Well done David, exposing the lack of knowledge around here.

The International is not The Red Flag and the Red Flag is not The International.

Original French

"Debout, les damnés de la terre
Debout, les forçats de la faim
La raison tonne en son cratère
C'est l'éruption de la fin
Du passé faisons table rase
Foule esclave, debout, debout
Le monde va changer de base
Nous ne sommes rien, soyons tout"

English version

"Arise, ye workers from your slumber,
Arise, ye prisoners of want.
For reason in revolt now thunders,
and at last ends the age of cant!
Away with all your superstitions,
Servile masses, arise, arise!"

Modernised by Billy Bragg

"Stand up, all victims of oppression,
For the tyrants fear your might!
Don't cling so hard to your possessions,
For you have nothing if you have no rights!
Let racist ignorance be ended,
For respect makes the empires fall!
Freedom is merely privilege extended,
Unless enjoyed by one and all."

Jobson Growth said...

Davegrodger, time to retire, you can barely express a coherent thought, and when you do, you're wrong.

Leaving aside Stalin, who was a psychopath, and the party was warned about him by Lenin prior to his death, most of the rest is either rubbish or lies.

"dear old fatboy Mao Zedung whose "Brand Communist" killed untold millions of Chinese during its establishment and development."

Yes, Mao was leading a people's revolution to overthrow the various imperialists that had bled China dry. Are you unaware of Japan's invasion, the British and Portuguese colonies, the Opium Wars, the Rape of Nanking. Or does it suit your narrative to pretend that China was a peaceful Garden of Eden until Mao overturned the apple cart? mao's Long March puts Moses's desert wandering to shame.

"Then add in the puppets of Eastern Europe, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos ..."

You sure are a dumbarse with little to no understanding of history. Ho Chi Minh, the Viet Minh were nationalists fighting to remove the French yoke of oppression from Indochina. They had all most succeeded when Uncle Sam did what Uncle Sam does best and invented a lie (Gulf of Tonkin Incident) to launch a full scale invasion of a fledgling nation the posed no threat to the uStates.

As a result of the uStates invasion of Vietnam some 3 - 4 million people lost their lives in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Millions more were maimed or born with birth defects. Today, Vietnam is an emerging economy, it could have got here 30 years sooner if not for uStates interference.

To understand North Korea, read a little history of that squalid war, the uStates spent 3 years, three fucking years, carpet bombing and napalming almost every city, town, and village in the North, murdering over 3 million civilians in the process. When they ran out of towns, the bombed infrastructure, like dams, flooding farmland, and destroying power stations. That was about 20% of the population, about the same % the NAZIS killed in Poland. And you wonder why the North Koreans are taught to hate the uStates. We may have forgotten, but they haven't.

The Veteran said...

Jonson Growth ... silly me and all the while I thought it was North Korea that invaded the South and that they were opposed by the United Nations including NZL and, I think, sixteen other countries

David said...

Hello Veteran, yes, I guess silly you is quite apt.

The "North"did "invade" the "South", but why was there a north and south?

As Jobson pointed out re Vietnam, a similar situation occurred in Korea. At the end of WW2 Korea was finally freed from the Japanese colonial rule. It was divided in two by the USA and USSR, it was not divided with the consent of the Korean people.

So, yes, you are "correct" in saying that the North "invaded" the south. But that invasion was an attempt to reunite the country and kick out the foreign invaders, yet again.

Running up to modern days, if you can provide a list of all the countries North Korea has invaded since 1945 I will provide a similar list of all the countries the USA has invaded.

gravedodger said...

Jobson Growth when you resort to your ever so clever misnaming as an opening you have already waved a white Flag.
My point was to total the numbers who perished for whatever reason under Communist rule and how the Numbers attributed to The Nazis pale somewhat in relativity yet it is Nazis and their stolen nordic symbol that endures for special condemnation rather than any questioning of the still well regarded by peoples and governments, Hammer and Sickle along with totally ignoring bigger mass killings under communist rulers.

Of course I am senile and needing special needs care but you on the other hand are articulate, aware and so so rewarding as to a high standard of understanding of all things.
Tell me again where I can avail myself of your outstanding writings, there must be so much more than you contribute here in such paltry and spasmodic offerings.

So grateful for your deeply held concerns for my mental state, it is not easy being me.

Jobson Growth said...

Davegrodger, get off the grass, or whatever else it is you smoke.

You cry like a Donald Trump "Jobson Growth when you resort to your ever so clever misnaming as an opening you have already waved a white Flag." Here are three phrases lifted just from one of your posts.

Little Chrissy Hipkins

Little Andy

Wee Willy

Pot, meet Kettle.

I reckon you need to get down to Spotlight and buy some new material.

gravedodger said...

Growth your thread jacking and abuse of this contributor is becoming tiresome, risking a reluctant use of the delete button.
My reference on another post to the muppetry involved in the total chaos exhibited by Labour over charter schools can be described;
Hopkins has demonstrated a very small minded attitude to a demonstrable beneficial outcome from Charter Schools.
Little, actual real name, is similarly blinded by his Union shaped opposition.
Wee Willy a direct reference to his over inflated ego that results from his being a legend in his own mind even though his opinion on the matter at hand does come with some real world experience.

Many of your stupid inane comments are left up on the blog as testament to your inate idiocy, however as stated above your adulteration of my pseudonym is no longer going to be tolerated.
A polite request to cease is therefore operative, the matter is yours to solve.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Only socialists shop at Spotlight. Tells you all you need to know about Jobless.

Gerald said...

The list is endless Jobson.

Face scribble instead of ta moko etc etc.

Dogger when you give it you have to allow for it to be returned.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I see the lefties are out today stroking each other on the bum.