Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Paula Bennett will find herself looking from the other side of the Big House having been "Tipped Out"

There are many issues around the world of "gratuities" that have never become embedded for New Zealand service sectors.

We have a minimum wage system that prevents large scale under paying wait staff and porters.

We have a fairly robust tax system that even Bennett acknowledged would be evaded by Tipping.

So I leave a Kate Shepherd, one person gets to pocket it while my satisfaction came from the buyer, the prep, the chef, and the whole mess was cleaned up by the dishwasher none of whom  share that little blue note.

Then there is the clear superiority and snobbery that the Tipper possibly feeds.

Listening to the media generated rubbish around Ms Bennett's brain fart and her credibility takes a hit, tipping is not how NZ thanks people for service.
To have it included as often happens with overseas travel leaves it as another levy no more no less with zero understanding who might benefit from the largesse.

The Bimbo who inflicts so much garbage on Newstalk ZB, five till six am weekdays, explained how her man had converted her to indulging herself by such behaviour. Pity was, she didn't explain to her Saffa mate that he was being a knob here in this country instead of putting on her headscarf and compromising her culture.

Tipping a lucky beneficiary who happens to be right place right time is not just NZ.


Noel said...

An American was complaining about some Aussies who left what he considered a dismal tip at a restaurant where his daughter worked. He went on to explain that it wasn't just her that the tip had to be spread across.
I explained that there was no tipping in Australia so they were probably inexperienced.
When I told him we didn't have tipping either he asked how to acknowledge good or bad service.
I said for bad service you don't go back and eventually the business closes.
For good service you acknowledge it verbally.

When he suggested that maybe for good service tipping might be useful I explained that the way I see tipping in the US it's a necessary part of an employees income and on that basis I am subsiding the employer and any generosity is deflated.

Psycho Milt said...

it's a necessary part of an employees income and on that basis I am subsiding the employer and any generosity is deflated.

Absolutely. Everywhere you go in the States the bill is already filled in with suggested gratuity amounts of 15, 18 and 20%, and you know that if you don't pick one the employees won't be earning enough to pay their bills. Acknowledging good service has a sum total of 0 to do with it - subsidising low wages is all it's about. Which is, of course, why Bennett and the Hospitality Association are so keen on promoting it.

Johno said...

Another face-palm moment from the government.

Tipping is an abomination. I don't want to carry round pocket-fulls of cash just so I can do the bloody employer's job of evaluating and rewarding his employees. If I think the employee is shite why should I have to be the bad cop and leave a nil tip and get scowled at or worse by said dud employee? Screw that.

National are trying really hard to lose me these days.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


It's news to me that there's no tipping in Australia.

It may not be institutionalized as it is in America but never the less it is common practice.

David said...

Arkansas - $2.63
Delaware $2.33
DC - $2.77
Idaho - $3.35
Oklahoma - $2.63
Wisconsin - $2.33

These are the hourly rates for tipped employees. In order to feed, house and clothe themselves, these people must rely on the generosity of strangers. They are not employees in the sense we would understand, but beggars.

Yes, I can see why many of the thieves among employers would like to institute a similar system here.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No doubt David, that's why the poor bastards are so keen to get these low paying, high tipping jobs. They'd be much better off working on a salary in Venezuela.

The Veteran said...

GD ... good post. It is sad when an MP gets a brain fart. It is doubly sad when a Cabinet Minister gets one. There is no case for tipping here in NZL and I refuse to do so. Noel is 100% on the mark. Good service you acknowledge verbally. Bad service and you don't go back.

David with his post has demonstrated just why we don't need tipping. Remind me again what the minimum wage is here (and don't even start me on the living wage so beloved by leftist Councils who don't have to work for their income).

Paulus said...

Problem - my wife went to a shop the other day and proffered cash - they said they no longer do cash - EFTPOS etc only.
Explained against the law buy so what.
I never have more than a maximum $20 cash on me - even our car parking metres are to be card exclusive - when they sort out the system shortly.
In say Antoines or similar I would happily tip a modest sum - say 10% for what I know is exceptional service and a great memorable experience.

Gerald said...

For Adolf

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gerald lives in the world of wishful thinking. Adolf lives in the real world.

Noel said...

Is this been driven by the outcry from hospitality employers over the new immigration thresholds?
Just asking.

Gerald said...

" don't even start me on the living wage"

Here's a coincidence.
The new immigration thresholds that service employers say are going to put them out of business has an hourly rate just over the living wage.