Thursday, May 4, 2017


Straya has major liquidity problems so in the light of that it is hard to find someone who can have their belt tightened it is no surprise some policy wonk came up with asking NZ students studying at AU universities to pay "Full Fees".
Of course every one with two functioning brain cells minimum knows that is still only a partial cost recovery.

Since Krudd, Gillard and the current bunch of socialists, have been steering the good ship 'Lucky' inexorably to the nearest rocks, the longest running economy in the world to avoid recession has been still spending as though there will always be someone somewhere who wants coal, iron ore or some other bit of subterranean mineral.
Current market indicators are suggesting an embryonic recovery movement in that sector that all the "spend other people's money"  brigade hope will turn the Lucky around before she grounds and breaks up.

Meanwhile the NZ students are a fringe dwelling, non voting easy target for the moves to be treated as all other 'foreign'  bodies where Turnbull and Morrison can make a symbolic stand to be "doing something".

So for local NZ media to seek click bait by preaching to us on this side of the ditch about how awful Straya is being is total bollocks, just see it for what it is, Uncle Straya is a bit short so savings are needed.
Here is hoping Kumera Bill resists the urge to "Whitelock" Malcolm and descend into a bidding war of you said I said.

Malcolm and Co have much bigger fish to fry, next week they will produce the tenth consecutive budget that will have red ink splattered around a big black hole but things will be better in a few more years, mantras that nobody thinks will work but kicking a few bludging Kiwis can't hurt in the meantime.

Nobody  mention Rugby they are hoping another Mal can do better things at Bruce Stadium in another oval ball code.


The Veteran said...

For our Oz cousins the ANZAC relationship is more a case of listen to what I say rather than watch what I do. Oz is a sovereign country and entitled to chart its own course for non citizens. That course is partly determined by the fact that their economy is in trouble with serious doubts about their ability to return to surplus within the next five years.

Once HC meekly acquiesced to the Howard government's decision to can long standing reciprocal arrangements the genie was let out of the bottle. What we are seeing now is an extension of that but, before we get too het up on this, we would do well to remember NZL has a similar policy ... the son of a friend of ours is studying to be a pilot at the Palmerston North Aviation College. His course fees are $140k ... foreign students pay $200k.

Gerald said...

And Australian students pay?

Noel said...

Otago says

"Australian citizens and permanent residents pay the same fees as New Zealand citizens"

Observing Adolf. said...

And NZ Is a sovereign country so no reason we cannot have equitable recpricol rules.

The Veteran said...

Noel/Gerald ... you're right of course. The NZL government (of whatever hue) exhibits a generosity of spirit towards our Oz cousins living here which is not reciprocated).
I said in my initial comment that for the Oz government it's a case of not what I say but rather what I do. They put NZrs in the same basket as all other foreigners.

I think it's both fair and equitable to charge foreign students a premium in student fees. Just that we don't consider Oz as foreigners. Perhaps we should?????????

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Long overdue. It's the only sort of language they understand.

Noel said...

"Just that we don't consider Oz as foreigners. Perhaps we should?????????"

We haven't achieved anything at the political level for those Kiwi's Australia who pay full tax and are not eligible for the same safeguards that Australians have here. We can blame HC but be honest everyone has hidden behind the Australia is a sovereign country and can do what its like for too long.

Having been seconded to Australians on two tours gives me some insight into what really motivates them. And that is untoward pressure on one of their own.

Hence the sordid carry on over the Australian drug mules.

Yes make this one minor token reciprocal.

P.S today I was talking to a Kiwi ex NSW police who has been hit by the current undeclared ban on expatriates in Government jobs. He's heading back to NZ and the irony been he's bringing his doctor wife whose early qualifications were from the same source as Turnbill.

I guessing he aint going to be the first.

Muldoon must be really chuckling too.

The Veteran said...

Hi Noel ... enlighten me pse ... 'undeclared ban on expatriates in Government jobs' ... hadn't caught up with that.

Sheesh ... and we've just recruited the Northern Territory Assistant Police Commissioner into a top job in our own police force.

I'm not quite sure how you rephrase the Muldoon dictum ... anyone like to try?

Noel said...

Pretty simple techniques. Job didn't require vetting now suddenly it does, Citizenship wasn't and issue for the job three years ago now it is .One guy I know is a senior strategic intelligence analysis. Got through the short list and all the indicators were positive and noises were made that the had the job.
Next he was informed no.

Went net working as those senior people do and found that the wife of an officer who was policy skilled and not intelligence got the job because there was a shortage of positions for Australian citizens. A lot of rank and file pissed off with the decision.

As he said "this is going to bring a lot of dead wood to the surface in he Australian Government and Federal departments and I glad I leaving because my name wont be associated with a coronal in the future."

Gerald said...

How about "they raise the intelligence of both countries when Kiwis cross the ditch, and when they come back with increased qualification they raise NZ's whilst diminishing Australia."

Anonymous said...

I've yet to meet an Aussie or a Maori that saw compromise as anything but weakness.
So, get a Maori to do trans Tasman negotiations.
With the froward, be froward.


The Veteran said...

Noel ... thank you. Understand. Trust 'them' to come up with 'that' as an additional factor. Doesn't apply here in respect of either Positive or Developed Vetting and not in the UK either. Your last sentence is instructive.

Noel said...

Sorry I stand corrected. The ban isn't undeclared.
Usually one of the criteria in many jobs today will have to notation "Preference must be given to Australian citizens" which wasn't an issue a couple of years ago.