Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Price of Political Cowardice

Malcolm Turnbull's PC government has paid a heavy price for deserting its centre-right base by delivering a 'more Labor than Labor' federal budget.  Instead of receiving a bounce in the polls Turnbull was delivered a sound smack in the chops.

From The Australian:-

"The Turnbull government has ­failed to generate a swift reward from its dramatic move to “reset the budget” by using tax hikes to replace divisive spending cuts, with the government losing ground against Labor to trail by 47 per cent to 53 per cent in two-party terms."

Some commentators are saying the newly formed Australian Conservative Party was the biggest winner but the polls contain no evidence to back up this claim.

What there is evidence for however, is the notion that Turnbull is close to being rolled.

But who will replace him as leader and PM?  Treasurer Scott Morrison is widely tipped as a likely successor.  But wait a minute!  It was his budget that just bombed.  If he had leadership qualities he would have prepared a fiscally austere budget and demanded Turnbull approve it.  When Turnbull refused as he would, Morrison should have resigned.

That in itself would have brought on a spill and Morrison would have waltzed into the top slot with his honour intact.

Instead he is dog tucker.  He just went with the flow like all the other wet sheep in this pseudo Liberal Party which has lost its way.

Like it or not, there is only one person who has what it takes to knock over Shorten and that is Tony Abbott.  Abbott knows how to fight and how to win.   The first thing he will do is bring down a mini-budget to reverse the Turnbull/Morrison disaster.

Just as importantly, who will be Treasurer?  My pick is that Abbott will be elected leader and will offer a preference deal to Bernadi's Conservatives in which Bernadi will be offered the Treasurer's job.

My God, I'd pay good money to see this happen because Abbott hater columnist Nikki Savva would be struck down with a six month long bout of chronic non-stop diarrhoea.

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paul scott said...

Yes good. Some of the commenters over there are saying its so bad they may as well vote Labour. Only an Australian could think worser is betterer.
Like the Spanish Republican mounting his horse and crying " Long live death'.