Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pitching to the wrong market

The readership of this blog is pretty much completely the wrong one for this post, but this is the blog I've got so fuck it.

I'm a regular commenter at The Standard, it being the most useful blog for left-wingers to argue with each other (The Daily Blog fancies itself a contender for that title, but is instead a usability-disaster that Martyn Bradbury uses for self=promotion).  For the most part, the arguing at The Standard is pretty good (I don't expect right-wingers to agree with me on this point) and there are some seriously bad-motherfucker smart guys commenting there.

That said, it has its downsides, not least some trigger-happy moderators, one of whom is particularly fond of finding excuses to ban commenters who annoy him.  I've proven very annoying to this moderator and have duly copped a two-week ban.  On the plus side, I'm pretty confident this person will never be put in a position of genuine authority over other people, so this trivial abuse of power is the worst he's likely to be able to inflict on anyone.  Still, it means I'm effectively cut off from left-wing argument for two weeks, so I'm now as annoyed as he was.

It won't come as a surprise to regular readers here that I'm not fond of Islam (the subject that got me banned), in fact I dislike it intensely.  It's beyond me how anyone who considers him/herself a rationalist could not dislike Islam intensely, but for some on the left who have difficulty understanding rationalism, someone finding Islam fundamentally irrational and illiberal equates to being a racist who hates Muslims because they're mostly darkies of some description.  That in turn prompts them to call "Islamophobia" as though it were some kind of trump card that beats any argument anyone might present.  It annoys the fuck out of me for the excellent reason that it's sanctimonious bullshit and I don't like sanctimonious bullshit.

The quote below has me pondering whether to go back there at all, which I'd regard as a real loss because it's not like there's an abundance of left-wing blogs that accommodate people arguing with each other:

He was also deliberately misconstruing comments in order to peddle that hatred. (Not just the one I picked up on) 
He lucky it’s only two weeks. Next time will be far longer.
So, the upshot is that I'm hostage to this delusional character's misinterpretation of my arguments and am best advised to just not argue anything he might find annoying.  That definitely lacks appeal.

Various other commenters risked a ban themselves by pointing out the petty nature of this ban.  In the highly unlikely case that any of them happen to read this post, thanks for pointing it out as I'm obviously unable to.  Might talk to you again in two weeks, or might not, depending on whether interest in debating other left-wingers wins out over unwillingness to kowtow to sanctimonious bullshit and petty abuse of authority.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Go Milt!

Nick K said...

What Adolf said.

Fuck them over there, and the horses they rode in on. That post had a lot of them arguing that the Manchester bombing was a false flag - arranged by the government for propaganda purposes during the election campaign.

They're mentally deranged, and millsy is the worst of them.

Anonymous said...

Kinda par for the course PM.

If you don't happen to hold to the particular flavour of doctrinal purity that is the flavour of the month at TS then you risk being run out of town.

You can call for Trump to be physically harmed. (Cheered on)
You can call right wingers/ National all manner of derogatory names. (yup amen brother)

But don't dare touch on the sacred doctrines:

- Climate Change
- Beneficiaries
- Islam
- L Prentice - sysop extraordinaire

And bang bang bang - you are gone burger.


Psycho Milt said...

Well, don't dare touch on them without having a fucking good argument available, at least. But yeah, freedom of speech currently isn't a left-wing strongpoint, which is the opposite of how it should be.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and my comment on another post was deleted as I did not use a fake name or any name. Why bother posting at the standard, MS ra ras anyone who agrees with him and bans those who don't, full of the usual so called leftie 'tolerance'.
This post will no doubt be deleted from here, anyway.

Not Anon.

The Veteran said...

Milt ... the essence of a good blog is that it's a contest of ideas. If it to be reduced to having to agree, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, to the post then it serves no purpose at all except to parade ones prejudices unopposed. You ban someone not for disagreeing with you but when they resort to personal abuse. That's how it should be anyway. Pity the 'Stranded' doesn't operate to those rules. Sez much.

Nick K said...

Spot on Vet. I am sure you are well aware that what I write here is my "angry right wing" persona. In real life I don't have that persona, as you know.

Psycho Milt said...

Anonymous: Adolf has a thing about anonymous comments, but I have no problem with them. On this blog the authors are all absolute dictators of our own posts, so there's no blog-wide comments policy.

Veteran: I've found the Standard to be an excellent contest of ideas, which is why I'm a regular there. They're pretty good in having a written comments policy and trying to stick to it, but any policy that's interpreted by individual humans can vary wildly in how it's applied, and theirs is no exception.

alwyn said...

You think Bill is bad? Have you never run into the person who posts under the name "Weka"?
I accurately quoted a comment she had made. I was accused of putting words into her mouth and banned for, supposedly, three months. I pointed out that it was an accurate quote but was told that she was far to busy to check on it.
It appears to be a lifetime ban. After 3+ months I tried commenting again but it simply disappeared into a black hole.
Weka claims that she is an "author" and that this is far more important than being a mere commenter. What that means is that an "author" can say anything they like about other people but that you must never point out that anything they say can possibly be inaccurate.
It really isn't worth going there anymore. It has become just a mutual masturbation society.

Anonymous said...

What I find with the Standard is that a lot of the leftist regulars stoop to
name-calling and shaming/bullying if you dare to dissent from their group think. It's hard to have a rational argument, some of them get nasty fast, especially One Anon. Bloke, and I find their arguments weak, watery lefty militant. What a surprise.
I find Bill one of the better moderators, at least he pings some of the regulars for their foul language.
(by the way, the verification tool here is really annoying - sick of identifying cars and roads!! Just saying), is there not a better way of proving I am not a robot?

Non Anon

pdm said...

Milt I can sympathise with you.

Back in February I joined a thread at the Standard which I interpreted to be open for discussion on where Labour was going wrong and not getting any traction. I helpfully (I thought) told them that the party had made a big mistake in shafting Shearer.

Wow - copped 12 weeks for trolling plus a lecture. Unsure who the moderator was.

Alwyn: I have been reinstated as I tested it a few weeks ago with a `party line' comment on a thread but, rarely visit the Standard now.

te reo putake said...

Hey, PM, welcome to the club, comrade! For mine, I had you on my list of commenters that were a compulsory read. It's a very short list.

I'm posting at the Daily Blog now and it's different dynamic, particularly with comments. At the Standard comments go up and are then moderated, at the Daily Blog they're moderated, then posted. That makes the Standard a much more active and interesting participatory experience. But TDB has a way better writers roster.

It's kind of like TS is talkback radio and TDB is Checkpoint or one of the Sunday morning programs. Both work well in their own way.

Psycho Milt said...

Thanks TRP - seeing your comment reminds me how many familiar names no longer appear at The Standard.

I do occasionally comment at TDB, but as you say the pre-moderation of the comments makes argument difficult - once I replied to someone and the next day assumed my reply had been binned by the moderator, only to check again a day later and find a thread full of comments had suddenly appeared, including mine. Doesn't encourage me to comment. Also, Martyn Bradbury really gets on my wick and the feeling looks to be mutual.

The Veteran said...

PM ... 'Bomber' gets on your wick as a proud socialist ... imagine what he does to mine.

Psycho Milt said...

Te Reo Putake: I've posted a few comments on TDB the last couple of weeks, but once again I couldn't resist pointing out a couple of Bradbury's more egregious errors and surprise, surprise, the comment never made it through moderation. It would be more honest if they just disabled commenting entirely.