Monday, May 8, 2017


I see that in a quality of life survey conducted by Deutsche Bank and which looked at such things as pollution, salaries, house prices and climate Wellington came out tops from the 47 cities included in the survey.   Edinburgh was second, followed by Melbourne, Vienna and Zurich.   Big cities like London and New York were in the bottom half of the table.

I get to fly down to Wellington fairly often and I have to say that IMHO it beats Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin hands-down.   Certainly on a fine day Wellington is spectacular.   The city centre has a certain vibrancy.   You don't see beggars as you do in Auckland.  Public transport is good ... but please. please. please ... fix the traffic jam that is the Mount Victoria Tunnel and the Basin Reserve roundabout.

Taking a break from Tuesday.   Self and Mrs Veteran are off to Samoa.   Giving Sinalei and Aggie Grey's a miss this time ... going for The Return to Paradise Beach Resort'.    Will take the opportunity to pay my respects at the grave of Laupepa Malietoa.  Big 'Lou' was the son of the Head of State and a classmate of mine at Portsea and a groomsman at my wedding in Malaysia.   He was elected to the Samoan Parliament in 1982 and became Minister of Justice.   Lou, by any measure, was larger than life.   He is remembered with affection by many.

Back on the 22nd.


Anonymous said...

I love your qualifier Veteran 'on a fine day'.

The difference between Wellington on a fine day and Wellington on a not so fine day is quite significant.

Also the ratio of fine days to not so fine days is significant as well.

Kind of like judging an English summer based on the 3 days of heat they experience each year.


Gerald said...

Nah fill of public servants standing close at the lights listening to your telephone conversations.
On the bright side if you stand up to some one staunching you out on the footpath he'll usually back down.
In Auckland there will be three others close by to beat you up claiming they were just defending their mate.

Anonymous said...

The best view of Wellington [on any day] is over the stern.


The Veteran said...

Mick ... for views I can't go past the Sky Tower in my rear vision mirror as I head back North over the Harbour Bridge at a rate of knots looking at the traffic on the other side at a standstill. Batter still, flying over Auckland at 12,000 feet heading North.

They say listening too much to Newstalk ZB while stalled in traffic can lead to severe depression.