Saturday, May 27, 2017


Hillary Rodham Clinton has recently appeared at her Alma Mata, Wellesley College where she delivered the "2017 Commencement Address".

How unfortunate that the current greatest loser used such and important and potentially life changing celebration day for a student body to continue with her now in denial failure.

In ninety sixty nine Bill's missus graduated as Chairman of the Wellesley Republicans, another example of the Chameleon makeup of so many prominent troughers in Washington.
Her torment last November was a Democrat until he saw how hard his run for President would be in that mob so Trump  became a Rino.

As history records it was one of the more drawn out trips to concession that night last  November when the numbers became truth and since,  instead of a realistic re-evaluation of what went wrong, she has flailed about blaming everone remotely available for losing when the so far avoided sad truth is it came down to her ego, her history and an innate belief she only had to turn up.
Shrillary was a deeply flawed candidate defeated by another one of the genre.

The most succinct comment on her trip to  Wellesley came from a commentator who suggested she should head back to the woods with some more Chardonay and see if she could find the truth that still seems to escape her cognitive ability.


Anonymous said...

A flawed candidate indeed but still with more dignity and knowledge of world affairs than the blustering bully the poor US has now.

Absolutely cringeworthy

The bully met his match in our man Macron...when he nearly had his arm jerked out of his socket he jerked back and white knuckled the bully into spreading his fingers....must of hurt, I hope.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Your illiteracy is almost up there with your chronc myopia.

You must have missed this bit.

"After a two-day summit in Italy, French President Emmanuel Macron had warm words for Donald Trump, despite the fact the U.S. president did not join in with other Group of Seven nations in supporting the Paris accord on fighting global warming.

Macron praised Trump's "capacity to listen" and said "I found someone who is open and willing to deal well with us."

The new French president, a centrist, told reporters that "I saw a leader with strong opinions on a number of subjects, which I share in part — the fight against terrorism, the willingness to keep our place in the family of nations — and with whom I have disagreements that we spoke about very calmly. I saw someone who listens and who is willing to work.""

Anonymous said...

Adolf DLT.....It seems you cannot recognise diplomacy when you see it. It would have been more impressive and just as meaningless if Drumph had uttered those words.

Obituaries and diplomatic utterings are a minefield of double meanings.

Lord Egbut