Saturday, May 13, 2017


Both the main old style news outfits that struggle to remain relevant have a headline
"The Brumbies did NZ Super rugby teams no favours"

Right up there with "The Pope's a Catholic" no poop sherlock.

When the charade that SANZR expect to be taken serious, The 2017 Super Rugby Draw, a "once upon a time" fairy tale was announced,  analysis by anyone with a passing understanding of potentially the best Rugby Comp ever, knew it was skewed to get a soft opportunity to have a Saffa team raise the trophy.
However the fact that The Brumbies 'shadow of its former glory' had a chance to thwart the Johannesburg Lions run to a home final and the accompanying belief of a finals victory a solid bet the house on outcome,  ignores an Elephant in the room.
Having destroyed the NZ teams chances theory, omits a very relevant and compelling fact, to wit the protected path to finals could well have  Akerman's team having to play three NZ teams in three weeks and who they matters little, that is a mountain that Home advantage may not overcome.
The Hurricanes, Chiefs,  Crusaders and The Highlanders are formidable and The Lions not having played any NZ team in the farcical draw coupled with a conference biased system that gives two Saffa teams a guaranteed quarter final, it could be a poisoned chalice equal to Akerman's widely panned decision last year to rest his number one team in the last Round Robin match in Argentina.

The game in Canberra last night was truly awful, and only served to highlight the depths The ARU has plumbed but that said the Lions were equally shocking. On their performances there is clearly a future for the Sunwolves, who may well have defeated either of the two who enjoy best in Australia and South Africa status respectively.

Super Rugby is what it is and it is and I totally understood the possibility of all five NZ teams could be quarter finalists was a given but I did not forsee the degree of hopeless from Bill Culver's efforts.
What a ballsup it has become and far from cutting teams maybe there is a case to be made to have a feeder comp from the bottom third of teams, playing a restricted season with promotion relegation.
The Southern Kings, Port Elizabeth based in Eastern Cape,  widely suggested to be cut,  sit above NSW, Queensland, The once mighty Northern Transvaal Bulls, Free State Cheetahs along with the aforementioned Japan Sunwolves and the two threatened Straya teams WA Force and Melbourne Rebels.

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