Friday, May 26, 2017


A couple of days ago I reported on a mystery deposit from an 'O T Doe' into our bank account.   Mystery no more but pointer as to how bureaucrats think)

Since 2002 I have acted as a consultant to the Ministry of Social Development in a number of fields.      The payment referred to came from the newly formed Ministry for Vulnerable Children where I am part of a reference group providing independent advice to the Minister.   The Ministry is also known as Oranga Tamariki (explains the O T bit ... but not the Doe).    Seems some Ministry bureaucrat decided there is a certain stigma in money paid tagged Ministry for Vulnerable Children hence a decision to hide it behind nonsensical facade.   

Stupid decision .... PC barking mad.  


Noel said...

Vunerable child been any child to 18.
Geez the Kumar killers, dairy gang radiers and scroats who kick peoplevin the head leaving them for dead so they can obtain a "mean as phone" now have another cop out at the Youth Court.

Gerald said...

Why blame the bureaucrat.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And no doubt the branch which deals with immigrant children from China is 'Oranga Tang?

Gerald said...

Previous may not be accessable.

I'm guessing Noel and others who have walked away from the offer to attend family conferences will be closely watching
"And "lower-risk" 17-year-old offenders will be processed via the youth justice system, and kept out of adult courts and prison where possible. There will be extra support to stop them reoffending."

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... I ahve no problem with Oranga Tamariki as the Maori name for the Ministry of Vulnerable Children given that Maori are disproportionately represented in the vulnerable children statistics and that is a matter of concern.

How OT Doe fits into that picture quite escapes me.

Gerald said...

"And no doubt the branch which deals with immigrant children from China is 'Oranga Tang?"

Adolf In the current political climate there is no "health and well been" in Tang (Sugar).