Monday, May 8, 2017


Maybe just poor reporting or an insensitive hack.
Canterbury Rural police Commander on a two vehicle oposing fatal crash was quoted as saying;
"We don't know why yet  it was a dead straight piece of road"
Sure was for two in one vehicle and the two brothers in the other vehicle not out of the woods yet Inspector Cooper!


paul scott said...

Sickly reporting. Most of them should stay in primary school longer, till they are ready for secondary school English. Oh wait on, teachers.

We don't know why [ the crash occurred ] yet, it was a straight piece of road.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I must admit I had to read it three times to find the double entendre. But hey, I'm just a country boy. (Now there was a great song!)

Anonymous said...

When we do our regular First Aid Training the tutors always say in regards to CPR:

Do chest compressions at the tempo of the songs:

Staying Alive or

Another bites the dust.

They don't recommend singing out loud while completing the chest compressions!


Anonymous said...

I notice that there has been more outrage on letting tourists from right hand drive countries take to the roads after long flights......there is merit in this but in this case it should be pointed out that, like us, Singaporeans drive on the left.

Lord Egbut