Friday, May 26, 2017


No ifs no buts no maybes.

She dominated the women's tennis at a time when it paid bugger all.

She is entitled to her opinions.

I concur and if same sex couples have a desire to diminish the sacred state of matrimony as western civilisation developed and nurtured it, I will never understand how getting married makes a shot of difference. Just the latest attack by snowflakes  to destroy a concept of healthy, honourable and fiduciary duty to nurture, protect and care for the vulnerable young that emanate from a caring and loving partnership of a man and a woman, something that with sickening regularity sees little innocents killed in dysfunctional relationships that seem too often to have zero concepts of what Marriage embodies for many.

To see the despicable, me too, attitudes of self anointed arbiters of morals and mores from industry leaders such as Joyce trying to be so hip when such matters have zero connection to his companies core business.
Apart that is from mincing Male trolly dollies and a serious lift in tourism as our Straya couzzies struggle to revamp their marriage laws.

Margaret Court has no truck with the lemming like rush to a future that is beyond her acceptance and has announced a self imposed refusal to fly with Joyce's airline Qantas, something I would have thought was an entirely appropriate response she thought worthy of line in the sand stuff.
Now A dyke who was another to dominate the women's game wants the honour awarded with the naming of a court at the site of The Australian Open venue, The Margaret Court Arena, to be withdrawn, seems to have a stench of hypocrisy about it.
In times where sexual orientation has reached some absurd lengths with so many options on offer that culminated recently with a bloke in Auckland turning into a sheilah after getting some supreme advantages in developing as a man then turning into a woman for weight lifting competition and immediately smashing all existing records in its class.
Recall if you will those beautiful young Press girls who came to world competition as Russian athletes only to have their careers ended abruptly when gender verification was introduced and "The Press Brothers" withdrew from international competition.

There seems to be a number of lesbian sheilahs in womens tennis that is accepted to have Male dominance so emphatic that the other sex not only does not compete in mens events but only play three firths of the scheduled format for equal remuneration.

Go you good thing Margaret Court, an Aussie Legend.


Al Kida said...

Margaret Court is entitled to her opinion and may now walk to wherever she wishes as not just QANTAS, but also Virgin support marriage equality.

Psycho Milt said...

Oh look, speaking of obnoxious religious fundamentalism that society could do without, here's the local version. I guess we can at least be glad she doesn't call for them to be imprisoned or killed, but it's the centuries of atheist influence on western society we should thank for that.

Jobson Growth said...
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Noel said...

When there was a call for the removal of her name from where ever the stadium isn one wag said leave it how it is but run a drag show every Friday night.

Gerald said...

Wonder if she has a Vodafone mobile?

Gerald said...

Damm wrong copy.

Noel said...

OK Gerald what we can assume.
By her stance she can't have a Vodafone mobile
Never seen on a P and O cruise
Doesn't bank at the ANZ
Doesn't have a Master Card
Doesn't use Canberra or Perth Airport
Doesn't stay at the Sheridan
Doesn't watch Ten News
Doesn't shop at Target or KMart

Oh shit there are 1259 corporates in addition to Qantas who have signed up.

Noel said...

Oh the hypocrisy
She has a Twitter account.

Psycho Milt said...

Presumably she's focusing on QANTAS because its CEO is gay and hasn't even tried to hide it, like a decent conservative should. Like most religious conservatives, Court seems to be obsessed with homosexuality.

Gerald said...

Would that be selective damnation from the Reverend?

David said...

Margaret Court is entitled to her opinion, and the rest of us are entitled to call her out for the bigot that she is.

She claims to follow a religion of love and yet she practices hate by denying equality for all.

She preaches from a book that demands a rapist marry his victim. She preaches from a book that praises as a man who offered his virgin daughters for gang rape. She preaches from a book wherein the main protagonist claims he has come to cause misery and mayhem in families.

But, apparently, she is a moderate christian.

She and her followers are free to marry whosoever they wish, but they are not free to dictate who anyone else may marry.