Sunday, May 28, 2017

Katie Hopkins Not Guilty as Charged,

However her sin is elsewhere, she calls out a biased media, idiot politicians and inept justice officials along with snowflakes in general.

Yes taken in isolation her tweet using "A Final Solution" could be perceived as  ill advised but the underlining message was at grand central station as far as the events that led to its use were pertinent.

Just as many words and phrases have been allocated a new inference, for example, as in a gay time where 'gay' has been stolen to re brand queers, poofs, and homos, so it was with Ms Hopkins use of the term for the slaughter of Hitler's many deplorables by Katie Hopkins in a moment of inattention laced with horror at yet another Lone wolf, a term used to euphemistically label cowards whose mind and reason has been usurped by leaders of Islam. Leading to, in this latest atrocity, to slaughtering, disfiguring and traumatising mainly young girls, one only eight years old, so she  resorted to a need to make a substantial effort in response, by calling for a 'final solution' to a sickening and increasingly occurring problem.
Now I do not think Ms Hopkins had even a fleeting thought of rounding up all Muslims and cooking them but it is almost a dead cert she wanted some supreme solution to be pursued in an attempt to thwart the airy fairy (bang goes another word with a double entendre) responses from our elected representatives and their enforcers, who have a sworn duty to rule over us and keep the citizenry safe.

Her conservative views have been increasingly seen by a majority of snowflakes to be prime targets for silencing, as has Milo Yiannopoulos, from publicly speaking among by many wishing to silence  alternative opinion, in his case mainly around  US Universities.

When words written and or espoused become a target for censorship it is almost certain that an increasing number of people in power are losing a battle.
One of the first steps in any Coup d'etat is to control the media, not for protecting it but to silence potential contrary opinion.

Ms Katie Hopkins rarely misses a point, is articulate and accurate in almost all her work, to lose her job and platform for a single poor choice of expression in a bloody tweet smacks of desperation to me.

To see law enforcement leadership and their political masters scrupulously avoiding connections to "the religion of peace" in their post event analysis and press statements is lamentable.
First his identity, then slowly it all dribbled out as numerous arrests, searches and piecing together of information reveals a serious revelation of the hand of Islam being central to that atrocity and it is suggested more to come or thwarted.


Anonymous said...

I am prepared to respect a persons opinion, everyone is entitled to an opinion. In Hopkins case she has no opinions..she is a vile publicity seeker and does what she does for money not out of belief.

If you had followed her on LBC and read some of her scribblings in the Daily Fail you would also come to that conclusion instead of trying to defend the indefensible. The fact the LBC studio burst into cheers when the news was announced should tell you something.

Make your own mind up dear readers...

Lord Egbut

George said...

Kathy Hopkins
The only person in the room telling the truth.
What is worse?
Or the funeral of an 8 year old girl who should be bragging to her school mates about the 'brill' concert she went to..

gravedodger said...

You continue your love in with your one world order Egbut, some of the citizens have an equally intense affair with opposing the dreamers and find Katie Hopkins refreshing, and an inbuilt belief in free speech makes that a good thing.

Gerald said...

Katie Hopkins "refreshing".
That's got to be the worst association for the word this century.

Anonymous said...

Dodger ....which is worse, advocating euthanasia for dementia sufferers as a strongly held belief or advocating euthanasia for dementia sufferers because it earns you a bit of notoriety and shekels in the bank????

Same with her anti immigrant stance and anti Muslim/Hindu/RC stance. Winston Peters would have a lot in common with this apology for a human.

Lord Egbut