Tuesday, May 2, 2017


So apparently the pike river disaster families have been played again, for some , shall we call them the Monk faction, it is just keeping their protest alive.
For another bunch who have no voice or spokesperson it is another reopening of the wound that too many, sadly, want never to heal.
So some moronic bunch, Peters, Little or whoever leads matters little, go into the drift over a kilometre long and find nothing more than evidence already established by the Pankhurst commission, then what. Well if it is the increasingly desperate for traction politicians or the manipulative Monk faction still getting media attention there will be even more expensive and dangerous schemes floated.

BTW why do the muppets continue with the totally fake news based aim to "go down the long access tunnel", when indisputably it is a very rare if not unique fact, the freekin tunnel rises up, all because idiots succumbed to pressure, often set up to stop the mine, but in reality only assisted along the road to the  inevitable disaster.

The now widely discounted " story" of withheld evidence has been established as yet another beat up based on manufactured fairy tales.
Whoever set this rubbish up must be feeling smug as it has seriously diminished the real story for page one, the circus around the release of Labour's list. For that facet many of the 'never forget the pike 29' will be in Little Andy's basket of vain hope as valued tidbits.
Clearly The Temporary NZLP parliamentary leader is still unable to transition from Union bully to democrat as the skills exhibited over that debacle are merely further evidence of his unsuitability to lead, either his party of the country.
Don't stop now Andy, it is going so well.

As for those silent victims both dead and those being held in suspended grief sans any consideration, instead of confusing matters, Mr Little can act with the little authority remaining and  go back to the basis of his historic mistaken beliefs as the relevant " union official" just weeks before it blew up that the mine was inherently safe, make it politically possible to seal it as the tomb of those who died there.
Those denied a voice deserve that " now".

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The Veteran said...

GD ... I am somewhat ambivalent on the issue. If we can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars repatriating back the remains of servicemen killed in the Vietnam War buried in Malaysia then clearly the cost should not be the issue. What is at issue is that the best possible evidence suggests that at the 'coal face' where the accident occurred there is a very real danger in attempting a recovery operation (assuming always there is something to recover).

Until the government can be satisfied that all possible dangers have been eliminated (or at least mitigated to an acceptable level) then it would be irresponsible for them to allow Solid Energy to authorise access into the mine. The suggestion that Government should legislate to provide an exemption from H&S legislation is just plain stupid ... what the happens if something goes really bad and lives are lost?

Bernie Monk is too close to the tragedy to make a balanced judgement while Peters and Little in supporting the call to re-enter the mine come what may are playing politics and that too is a tragedy pure and simple.