Thursday, May 18, 2017


Justin Lester the socialist and therefore adept at finding new ways to increase the funds he can spend, Mayor of Wellywood is going to create a "Levy" on plastic bags at supermarkets to create an 80%reduction in plastic bags going to landfill.

It is a freakin tax moron, and it will not fall on the able to pay a few cents here and there, it will be born by those who don't have a Merevale (Remuera, Oriental Bay) taxi,it will fall on the OAP who uses the bus to get to the shop.

I heard Einstein explain that too much plastic ends up in the sea  from their transfer stations and even the tip, no shite Sherlock that might be the fault of your idiot employees not doing their jobs, and that buck stops at your desk. 
It is not necessarily the fault of those least able to afford what on your inflated earnings seems a small price to pay for those who endlessly find second, third, or however many one might imagine uses for those ubiquitous little gems that for us personally are constantly in use as pet dropping gatherers, kitchen and bathroom rubbish tin liners,  the list is long.

Just grow  a pair Mr Lester and after you have basked in the glory emanating from yet another socialist manipulation of the proletariat, just call it the TAX it actually is.


Anonymous said...

One of the main differences in the British and French countryside is that in France you do not see thousands of plastic bags hanging on trees and cyclone/barbed wire fences. The nasty socialist government banned them. In the US the use of sturdy brown paper bags continue.

The massive UK packaging industry lobbied the caring Tory government so the use of plastic bags continue. But there is built in degradation so after a time they disintegrate...... just when you are doing your duty as a good citizen and picking up after your dog. The tax is a good idea as it encourages the use of reusable bags made from recyclable material which in turn stops cows dying, drains blocking and the country looking like a tip.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Paranormal said...

Do you remember when plastic bags were first brought in? They were to save the trees from being turned into those nasty paper bags then in use by supermarkets.

This is just another iteration of the socialist greens trying to find something(tm) to pretend they've made a difference(tm).

gravedodger said...

It might just occur to a thinking person, old egg, maybe a change in how citizens regard their home, as in homeland, might be better in affecting a better future rather than attacking caring citizens who already try to avoid rubbish entering the environment.
Of course that would do absolutely positively zero in sating the appetite of a socialist Mayor in creating another tax with scant regard as to any actual hardship or inconvenience that tax might create.

It will be alright in Venezuela, those poor buggers can't access groceries to put in any bag

Jobson Growth said...

Paranormal - do you lie deliberately or are you just a bit thick? Plastic bags were introduced because they were, and still are, cheaper than paper bags.

Bunnings stopped providing plastic bags years ago. Why? To reduce their costs. They don't give a shit about the environment, but they do care about the bottom line.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No Jobless. Bunnings stopped providing plastic bags because they couldn't put concrete mixers in them.

Have you noticed the bags in supermarkets? No of course you wouldn't seeing as how you live on Big Macs and KFC.

Paranormal said...

Jobs on, you must be a bit thick to miss what I was saying.

We all know the real reason was financial, but the spin at the time used to justify the change was all about saving the trees (planet). Nothing really changes does it.

The left dress up their desire to tell others how they should live with faux caring for the environment.

Anonymous said...

The thought that the "greenies" had an input to the design and manufacture of one time use plastic shopping bags is laughable and utterly untrue.

Dodger.... a tax is obligatory and can be enforced whereas if your hard done by pensioner was to carry his own bigger and more comfortable to carry bag he/she would not have to pay a penalty. .....Win win for supermarket and pensioner.

If, on the other hand is to lazy, wealthy, forgetful or stupid to bring his own a bag the supermarket will gladly sell him a another reusable bag.

Lord Egbut

(I fit into all four categories and find them useful for carrying 40cm oak logs for the stove.)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The poor bastard Can't afford gas.

Paranormal said...

You're right Egbut. The thought that greenies could do anything useful is laughable. However the fact remains that plastic bags were allegedly going to save the trees.