Monday, May 15, 2017


Including the nausea inducing attempt to humanise the robotic union thug into a cuddly teddy bear, am I the only one who sees the inanity around last weekends rather tawdry moves to gain traction by Labour as nothing more than a rewritten script from a pantomime production of a dysfunctional family trying to play "Monopoly".

Little's clear confusion as to which of the 75 000 per year immigrants, he will stop at the border.
It becomes ever more farcical as he tries to allocate who the stop notices will go to.
Even some very kind interpreters giving him endless opportunity to answer with sufficient factual truth to be understood even by the said kindly interpreter. (Lisa Owen, Paddy Gower, Katie Bradford)
Hosking was not so kind this morning but got nowhere. The Media loved to portray Key as Teflon Coated, Mr Little in so many ways is like punching a soft toy, cant be damaged and it looks bad.

Then there was the heart rending declaration from Adearn on how youth suicide, personally  observed in the sad case of a friend's brother, had made a lasting impression on her, in her attempt to politicise the wildly inaccurate claims of a lack of care and understanding from the current mob.
Yes there are instances of apparent lack of action in the face of calls for help in matters mentaal health but in an atmosphere of patients rights, privacy and prioritising it is an unfortunate fact of modern life. Adearn's suggested placing of a Mental Health Nurse in every school will be as effective as reducing the speed limit tolerance by 4Kms at holiday times. (might even build a need for immigrants to fill those roles)
Her very emotional effort had  an air of the surreal about it and judging from other observers take I was not alone in wondering if it was in fact Rufus Painter's brother.

Back to the leaders cutting the immigration 'cluster whatever',
NZ has a growing economy and the jobs being created are significant,
We have serious skill shortages in many areas of commercial activity.
We as a nation, have a bunch of work shy people who through a lack of awareness or a love of a sofa will not even go next door and ask Painter's mum if she wants her garden dug over.
NZ has both an enviable opportunity to assist students learn english and a well understood option to, after gaining citizenship here, move across the Tasman.
We are relatively safe and secure as a destination that allied to low cost accommodation options brings in many.
It is alleged that the NZLP has gained support from the UK Labour and The recently damaged US Democrats to assist with making ''their turn come to pass", if it is true, do they qualify as essential services unable to be filled by unemployed locals.
Then there is another elephant, the socialists have a yearning to admit more totally lacking in marketable skill "refugees" in the hope they will swell the support base.
Add in familial rights of entry from all of the above and a track record as established  over time by the once great NZLP, it is difficult to see how the "tens of thousands" to be turned away will be found.
Of course the Pinstriped one is much clearer on this and that only adds to highlighting Little's obfuscation.

Methinks they will be as elusive as "the missing millions"

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