Monday, May 29, 2017


One of the moments during last years Presidential election that may have caused the defeat of the snowflakes overwhelming belief system, came when Mrs Bill Clinton called supporters of Donald Trump, "Deplorables".
Now that was quickly latched onto by many who identified with Trump as a badge of honour with badges and t-shirts to prove it.

As NZ election year enters its last four months much of the focus for the leaders revolves around acts of questionable media stunts to reach the first item of the Infotainment hour on either of the two main TV channels at 1800 hrs.
That people, is where you can take a chill pill and seek out truely deplorable behaviour as they plumb the depths to try and win the black banana skin for that day.
Yet another scab picking of Pike River whether by an illadvised Poly trying to get the diminishing number of Bernie Monks Church of redemption relevance, to vote for them,
A couple of ex pollies unable to discard their cloak of power trying to spend OPMs to rebuild a pile of Halswell stone and Limestone from a true miracle amongst the destruction of 22/11, the miracle being no person died when the Tower collapsed.
A lawyer from a Pacific Island struck off in her homeland whining that a Judge threatened to have her in contempt of Court if she failed to appear before him within the hour.
Another Poor person unable to buy a house in their preferred suburb of Auckland because the money wasted on smashed Avocardo and Latte prevents accumulation of a deposit.
One of the endless parade of  bearded gits bleating on how Dirty dairy prevents them swimming in the river of their childhood when no-one had any idea what was in that water.
One more welfare addicted overweight sheilah who cannot afford to feed her growing brood of fatherless children.
Now of course there is a lode of dross to be mined over sexual orientation , safe toilets where boys can pee on the seat the floor and their shoes, and gender choice over uniforms that according to one this morning claiming as many as 3 in every 10 who will be wondering.

Meanwhile on Planet earth employment is lower, job growth on steroids, economic growth, and opportunities for entrepreneurial minded people to get ahead, all  wont cut the mustard.

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