Thursday, May 11, 2017


Little Chrissy Hipkins is one of the better, albeit still pretty  shallow members of the Labour caucus.
He has staunchly and wrong headedly opposed, when all the evidence is considered over the ACT promoted Charter Schools, operational entities that take many of the abject failures from the State System and achieve some rather impressive academic results with youth that Labour under directives from their Union Masters seem  to have a collectively abandoned.

In what seem ever more desperate moves by another hide bound Union Muppet to turn around the moribund polls that seem to have The once proud NZLP locked into a sub 30% position, Little Andy recruited Radio Jock Willy Jackson to the cause and that turned out to be yet another throwback to his Union background. We are all agreed then Brothers, raise your left hand, thankyou very much.
Now after  the shambolic way Little handled the announcement of the Labour List, when  the real world as demonstrated by the NZLP selection system collided with the union formed beliefs of the installed leader,  saw Wee Willy at a potentially unelected spot.
Willy is now causing more trouble in revealing cracks in the ideological inanity that accompanies the now rather tawdry opposition to Charter Schools.
Jackson has coal face knowledge on the matter, being a promoter of such an aberration in Auckland and now in cahoots with another Labour Member Peeni Henare, in making Hipkin's extraordinary pigheaded clinging to opposing an increasingly effective education move that is having real results in almost all the published measures, more retarded by the day

Such muddled thinking and subsequent actions do absolutely nothing to image such a rabble as a government in waiting.
Helen Clark and then John Key were often held to account when polling indicated a certain change of political direction, but that is pragmatic theory in action, something that union intransigence precludes from such influence.

Hint Mr Little, two ears, one gob, there is a rather wonderful Darwinian principle there, maybe Your Salvationist recruit knows far better than the evidence of a bunch of mediocre teachers, intent on job security, promote.

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