Sunday, May 14, 2017


For the Australian voter probably both.

Maelstrom Turncoat while furthering his taking the Liberals and their joined at the hip Rural nowhere else to go party Nationals, to the equal of  Straya Labor has abandoned the now quaint aim of a balanced budget.

Federal Treasurer Scot Morrison has delivered the latest smoke and mirrors charade that has massive deficits for a decade hoping that "something will turn up", Mr MacCawber would be in admiration of the sheer gall.

The most widely acclaimed move was a serious tax to be levied on the major banks.
Yes those very same banks, Commonwealth, NAB, ANZ and Westpac who own our NZ banks and delivered Australasia a smooth ride through the GFC that saw banks around the world failing and or needing massive intervention from governments that had by adopting foolish if we'll intentioned vulnerability to reckless over spending caused the aforementioned GFC.

Of course voters have no problem with some bank bashing, better them than me a prevailing belief.
The poor simple folk don't realise that the billion dollar bite will come back to their hip pocket one way or another while good ole boys in Canberra will continue to spend on fairytale destructive economic policies with gay abandon thinking you can indeed fool all the people all the time.
Wind farms, solar generation, pump Snowy River back up hill to use again tomorrow, welfare, funding their biggest threat the ABC, the list is endless and apparently the latest budget will actually pass the Senate.


Anonymous said...

You really ought to get out more....

Lord Egbut

Johno said...

Solar and wind are falling to pieces all over the world, and really only ever surviving against conventional power when subsidised.

India of course, has one of the worst cultures of corruption in the world, so you would want to look very closely at how solar is being supported there.

gravedodger said...

Dont think so Eggbut, as an environmental aware citizen of the world I can read;
Frying life in solar concentration collectors,
Wind power turbines reaching the end of their twenty year lifespan requiring a costly replacement rather than a rebuild,
Cheap energy being denied to millions who are locked in poverty and consuming actual dwindling fuel supplies(as opposed to the peak oil scam) just to cook food,
The stupidity in a water challenged continent with almost endless supplies of very high quality coal heading to an almost total reliance on so called renewables that can only be renewed with very large subsidies and a reliablity that is disastrous for commerce.
The awesome hypocrisy of proponents of limiting consumption of carbon fuel reserves, jetting to exotic locations creating a Carbon Footprint that I could never match.
Birds, often endangered already, being minced in turbines,
Such waste and pointless endeavour trying to find justification for the criminal rates of taxation to manipulate economic outcomes from technologies that when compared to the output from the sun as variable as history reveals it to be is minute.

I personally am far more concerned with the consumption of "rare earths" in the headlong lemming like rush to solar panal technology.
Then there is the collective abhorance to develop and embrace modern Nuclear technology that any Melon and their enablers can never coherently debate the merits of.
Sorry Nah Nah Nah cant hear you is not rational debate any more than harking back to Chernobyl or Fukishima can be anything other than a learning opportunity.
Hell the Snowy River Scheme run by New Zealander Bill Stevenson killed one tunneler for every Km of tunnel, now Turnbull is going to pump the water back up to recycle using the all too often rare surplus energy from the renewables that have had large parts of SA in the dark at least twice in the last year.

Respectfully instead of just giving it to me how about you actually debate issues and move on from attacking messengers, something you have already displayed a great mastery of.

Anonymous said...

Wind and solar technology, like computer technology, is advancing at an astonishing rate. The life of a wind turbine is 25 years and blade/gearbox replacement can now be done in situ. A turbine will generate 33 times it's cost before replacement.

High rise glass and road transport kill thousands more birds than turbine blades..don't ask about cats.

Quality coal (bitumous) in the wrong place is just stuff in the is like asking a Yorkshire power station to use coal from Russia....same distances.

Agree nuclear should be looked at more closely but with a country blessed with endless sunshine it would criminally stupid not to invest in huge solar farms. Two panels kept my boat's lights and electronics going for year until someone nicked them.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"Wind and solar technology, like computer technology, is advancing at an astonishing rate. "

Not as fast as clean coal technology which doesn't need endless subsidies.

Anonymous said...

You are just making that up...coal burning is expensive and like the internal combustion engine has reached the end of it's development. Not my words but a scientist from Britain's National Coal board who developed fluid bed boilers (veteran has met him).

The small subsidies exist for the introduction of solar in the household market.

As I said criminally stupid to turn your back on such a resource.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"The small subsidies exist for the introduction of solar in the household market."

Solyndra et al?

Legbut you are worse than pathetic.

David said...

What has Solyndra to do with the Australian experience? After all, that's what gravedodger posted about.

That's right, Solyndra has nothing to do with Australia, just Adolf thrashing around because he has no counter to Egbut.