Thursday, May 18, 2017


Yesterday we had a bunch of people who choose to live in a remote area that few New Zealanders ever visit, successfully embarking on a proposal to export fresh water by the shipload from a beach near the mouth of the Arawhata River.
Of course a sage comment from a greenie in protest at an off shore party gaining benefit from our "precious" fresh water that is so threatened and becoming scarce.
ABSOLUTLY ILL INFORMED GARBAGE, totally at odds with even a brief superficial assessment.
Water is anything but precious in South Westland where smarter people know instinctively it causes great costs, imposed on every facet of life.
Every single square meter of land and water inland from mean high tide has to deal with five cubic meters of rainwater every year. You do the maths as to what that equates to per square kilometre.

Yes there is a potential for a tanker coming to anchor at the end of the proposed three Km off shore pipe to load, could drop a nasty when discharging the ballast but assuming it will want to deliver the Westland water in a potable condition (why else would  the ship travel all that distance) that is just scaremongering.
As for the total red herring that the carrier could beach and cause "pollution to the pristine shoreline with a diesel spill, that is also as likely as a bit of driftwood being struck by lightning sparking a wild fire.
Give me strength, it is all so bloody unlikely as to be of no  moment, what is certain however it will be whipped into a storm in a sandfly cursed South Westland ba├┐ by as many pol-lies as the media can find to get their ill informed comment from.

Yes Kermie it is indeed hard being green and black, red, purple and puce.

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Paulus said...

I thought I read recently that it is estimated by NIWA that something like 40 Trillion litres falls on New Zealand every year. Nearly all in the South Island West Coast.
Most of this years local supply has already fallen in the BOP where I live.