Thursday, May 11, 2017


Well not even news, merely media stars stating their worthless opinions.

Comparing James Comey's sacking as anything even close to the Saturday Night Massacre where Nixon, realising his game might be up, initiated a series of events where he tried to regain control by installing muppets to do his bidding in a failing attempt to bring the third arm of US Government under executive power.
Attorney General Elliot Richardson had appointed Archibold Cox to investigate the Watergate burglary and its alleged cover up over the Presidents involvement in just how close his Oval Office was to the break in at the Democrat Party election HQ.
Richardson refused to do Nixon's bidding and resigned.
Nixon turned to his deputy Attorney General, William Ruckelshaus who followed Richardson's refusal to act outside the brief that came with his oath of Office after Senate confirmation
Next up to bat was a more pliable soul, one Robert Bork who as Solicitor general became acting AG.
Bork was not so imbued with the inconvenience of the "Law" being paramount to the wishes of his President and fired Cox. The FBI then moved to secure the offices of the AG, his Deputy and their appointee Cox to contain the investigation.
Nixon then appointed Leon Jaworski as special prosecutor and the rest as they say is history when he, Jaworski,  got the US Supreme Court to force the release the "Oval Office Tapes" that sealed the fate of the thirty seventh President.

In the current furore Trump has been dealing with a Department of Justice largely appointed by his predecessor Obama, whose deputy AG, Sally Flynn,  had already been seen by Trump supporters to be obstructive to the newly elected President attempting to do what he had offered in his campaign to better control who could enter the US as acting AG.
Comey was also an Obama Appointee, forget he is supposed to be a republican, he had offered a rather patchy performance during the campaign with his on, off again then on again investigation of then  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's rather cavalier treatment of official secrets via her outside the Department of State computer server. A system that had official documents sent via the insecure system to her aide, Huma Mahmood Abedin, who in turn used her then husband now disgraced nutter Anthony Weiner to print the said documents off for her.

As part off the ongoing installation of his administration, much of which is subject to Senate confirmation, Trump is still very much in transition. After his firing of Sally Flynn as acting AG there has been somewhat of a vacuum, so it was no surprise that upon the confirmation of a deputy AG one Rod Rosenstein (who incidentally is now in control of the "Russian Influence Probe"), who  along with recently appointed US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions had both recommended Comey's appointment as FBI Director be terminated, and surprise surprise it happened very quickly.

To suggest that Trump's firing of Comey as anything remotely resembling the events now known as 'The Saturday Night Massacre" of some 43 years ago is so stupid as to be Gilbert and Sullivan.
When the cards were dealt and in the total absence of anything remotely connecting the Trump Campaign to any Russian involvement being revealed after months of FBI investigation, added to Comey's very questionable activity around revelations connected to the historical and equally unproductive investigations of Clinton's clear lack of probity in managing official emails, what is so surprising that Comey's tenure as FBI Director was terminated.
I was opposed to the Clinton presidency Mkll, but felt a disquiet over Comey's interventionist actions during the closing weeks of the campaign but managed to ignore it due to it being favourable to my choice as candidate albeit being so sad that a great nation could only come down to two such candidates.
In the light of the experiences that have surfaced over the fiefdom of long time Director J Edgar Hoover, who occupies that hot seat is far more scrutinised  today. It will be interesting who gets the nod next.

Yes there is a chorus of outrage over the sacking but when it is all boiled down to compare it to what happened in 1974 is at a minimum disingenuous and might just be yet another example of still rampant Trump derangement syndrome.


Anonymous said...

Two minutes ago Putin, while at an ice hockey match, congratulated Drumph on his sacking of the FBI Chief. (BBC R4)

Need I say anymore?

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No, it's best you don't say any more, ever.

paul scott said...

Comey was a glaring sociopath, if not a psychopath.
He was supposed to be chasing Bonnie and Clyde, not shooting up on the highest levels of USA Government.
Poor egg. Social justice is dying its sickly death, and for the rest of his life.