Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fatal Irony

One thing western liberal democracies are agreed on is that terrorism by Sunni Muslim extremist groups is a major threat.  How ironic then, that in a week in which a moderate reformer wins a second term as president of Iran and a Sunni Muslim extremist kills 19 people in a suicide bombing in Manchester, US President Orange Blowhard makes the first stop on his first overseas trip a visit to Saudi Arabia, the chief promoter and funder of Sunni extremism, and endorses said promoters/funders' statement that the Iranian government is "the tip of the spear of global terrorism." You have to laugh or you'd cry.


Jobson Growth said...

You just have to cry. Elsewhere the thick headed moustache growing fascist troll, Adolt, is talking up a Trump war with Iran. Typical of the idiocracy that worships Trump. And, as usual, it would not be unusual to see the uStates destroy yet another nascent attempt at democracy and freedom in Iran. Gotta grab all the oil.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thus spake the friends of ISIS, Hesbollah, Hamas and Iran.

Jobson Growth said...

Thus spake Adolt, the supporter of the world's two greatest exporters of terrorism - uSates and Saudi Arabia. You know, that Saudi Arabia that is daily murdering men, women and children in far greater numbers than ISIS, Hezbollah or Iran. Murdering on behalf of the uStates. Murdering using weapons provided by the uSates.

That Saudi Arabia that raised and nurtured the 9/11 terrorists.

That Saudi Arabia that is sponsoring extremist Islam across the world, including that taking over of Mosques in Adolt's NZ.

That's the company that Adolt prefers - raping, genocidal, homicidal anti-human rights monsters.

Psycho Milt said...

Adolf: ISIS think Shi'a Muslims are infidels deserving of death and would love to see Iran turned into a smoking crater - which is of course why Trump is promoting "common cause" between KSA and Israel.