Wednesday, May 3, 2017


And cease with the far too many incidents of modifying and creation of it.

Eric Crampon at 'offsetting behaviour' gives publicity to  invidious and often hidden police initiatives to rewrite the law with  many examples particularly in Wellington in cahoots with crusading trougher do gooders, to manipulate the licensing of alcohol outlets.

The alcohol regulatory and licensing authority finally has had enough of Police hierarchy and Medical Officers using threats and standover tactics in their manipulation of delegated powers to the Committee of Wellington City in allocation and renewals of licensed booze outlets.
In attempts to limit hours the two self appointed "sheriffs" have run concerted campaigns to manipulate the law to make their wishes and enforcement easier.
Instead of arresting and drying out ignorant self harming consumers on the streets within their already awesome powers, the two "we know best" by not merely lodging objections to such applications it is claimed they are both using threats to make life difficult for applicants who decline to shorten hours.

Just as the Police with all the clout are making similar threats aimed at citizens wanting for whatever reason to own and store weapons as a "must be seen to be doing something strategy" apparently emanating from the Police Union HQ because some very bad people including gangs seem to have a proclivity to gather up illegal weapons to give them the fire power they apparently need. Of course a thinking person might think that some raidin and occupyin might just get those weapons back under control but no, elf an safty steers a much less hazardous track back to those already obeying the law and no problems encountered.

Then there is the arbitrary and less than successful Four KPH "tolerance" at Holiday times.
The latest renewal of my licence to own and keep firearms coincided with the run up to Easter and when I surrendered the now expired card to Local station I got a somewhat surprised reaction from Constable Tim by suggesting maybe a blanket reduction of ten KPH for the Holidays might just be more effective than quibbling over a few speed wobbles at the fringes.
With Many experienced urban drivers taking the step up to a larger less stable vehicle complete with a strong possibility of poor loading, over weight, and distractions aplenty, I seriously think holiday traffic might become safer, rather that relying on the seemingly ineffectual and a little inane four KPH reduction in "tolerance".

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