Monday, May 1, 2017


Might well be the collective response to the announcement by Cunliffe cheer leader to quit politics, for any aspiring electorate candidate seeking a National seat around The  Tron.

Sue Moroney has garnered an electorate performance as a candidate that is almost as solid as current leader Little Andy. Having stood and lost in every seat around Hamilton over nearly two decades and discovering she was not going to be ranked anywhere near a winnable list position by the Labour Hierachy this time, finally got the message and "retired".  Shades of James Broardhurst methinks!
A gift that kept giving, it was music to any Nat candidate to hear his NZLP opponent would be the 'Sue' factor that could ensure victory should things become tight, while MacIndoe and co consolidated their tenures.


The Veteran said...

Little commenting on Moroney's decision to step down after having been given the shove ... "she's is a hard-working and dedicated MP". Begs the question doesn't it ... if she was, as Little sez, 'a hard working and dedicated MP' why was she given the boot?

Perhaps, just perhaps, Little was talking tosh!!!!!!!!!!!11 Figures.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I thought that phrase was Helen Clark's trade marked property, used when she was questioned about David Benson-Pope, Philip Field, Darren Hughes, Chris Carter or Dover Samuels.