Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The latent xenophobia, alive and kicking both in Labour and Winston First, was in play yesterday with the call by Labour's David Parker for Cloud Ocean Water Ltd, majority owned by the Ling Hai Group, to pay a royalty on the water they intend bottling in a new factory complex to be developed in the outer Christchurch suburb of Belfast.

No matter that the amount of bottled water is so small as to be irrelevant in the debate over managing our water resource.    Our fresh water resource is 500 trillion litres of which only 2% is extracted.   Bottled export water accounts for only 8.7 million litres of that which equates to 0.0000002% of the resource.    No matter either the jobs created and taxes paid.    Let's come up with a new tax.

But hold on ... can you really ring-fence bottled water?   What about town water supply; what about water used for irrigation, what about water used for industry?   And then there's the elephant in the room.   Go down this track and you can guarantee Maori will lodge a claim either with the Waitangi Tribunal or in the High Court seeking their piece of the action. 

A stupid idea borne of latent xenophobia and nothing to do with preserving the quality of our water resource which belongs to no-one and everyone.


Paulus said...

Will put up the price of Coca Cola, Pepsi and all other fizzy drinks endemic in Aotearoa as well of course.

Johno said...

Before that idiot Parker started squeaking like a rabid mouse he should have considered the amount of water other industries are using.

He should look at the water volumes used every day by irrigators, meat works, dairy factories and pulp and paper factories.

Parker's worried about 20 billion litres of water over 15 years or 1.3 billion a year.

Pulp & paper and meat industry between them both use approx 30 billion liters a year and that water has to be then treated or cause pollution.

I have no idea how much water irrigation users get through, but am sure it dwarfs the two above.

Yet despite all this, the water consumed by industry in NZ is a tiny fraction of the amount that just pours endlessly and *renewably* into the sea.

Parker's just another Labour dog who's found another passing car to bark at.

Johno said...

Yep, irrigation uses vastly more:

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Johno et al

Before you get too carried away with throwing rocks at 'evil irrigators' just remember they return most of the water they use to the aquifer where it may be used again, closer to the coast and finally the remainder is poured into the sea.

Most industrial use is much more likely to produce pollution.

paul scott said...

They see water as having the capacity for a much better return. That is a return to New Zealanders and not the Maori Chieftan. Xenophobia, racist, uneducated, , Islamophobic, deplorable, Nazi, Fascist, are just a teensy bit overused
badges of pride now. Some of us eat children.

The Veteran said...

Paul ... so you stand by 'your' Richard Prosser (who, by the way, you condemned in an earlier post for advocating just that) ... figures. You and yours are all over the place on this. Tax increase ... vote Winston First.