Thursday, May 25, 2017

And Now For The Best

In Australia it's difficult to pick the best PM since 1940.

My contenders are Hawke, Keating, Howard, Curtin and Menzies all of whom were excellent performers.

I'd give the race to Menzies by a nose with Howard a close second.

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Menzies built thee modern day Liberal Party and presided over by far and away the best economic resurgence Australia has ever seen.

In NZ it's a different story.  There's no competition.

Unfortunately for the mentally deranged on the far left and far right, John Key takes it away followed by Keith Holyoake.

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Key took over a failed economy and turned it into one which is the envy of the western world while managing the rebuild of a major city.   Early in his tenure he was reported to have said he does not cleave to ideology but on each issue he decides to do what is best for NZ.


Anonymous said...

No mention of the housing crisis in Auckland and spreading or of unchecked, mass immigration, now causing Auckland to bloat at the seams? Golden boy was and is responsible for both these factors, which will be this election's deciding factors, and the reason that Winston will get to once again, choose the government and possibly
be second in charge, if not better.

Rupert/Not Anon/take your pick.

pdm said...

Time to change your medication I think. The current stuff you are taking for your KDS isnot working.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so like the Standard, where you get shot down and abused for daring to dissent from the 'correct' point of view! Sarcasm is indeed the lowest form of humour.

Non Anon.

pdm said...

Not really anon - at the Standard you would have copped a ban.

Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't yet, though I've probably come close. Just a bunch of nodding heads over there, even Labour MPs avoid it, I have heard.

Non anon.

David said...

Yes, Adolf, I can see why you admire the authoritarian Pig Iron Bob. The bloke who was happy to flog scrap iron to the Japanese so they could merrily continue with their invasion of China. Ming, the "democrat" who attempted to pass a law to ban his political opponents. The "Australian" Prime Minister who declared he was "British to the bootstraps". Who was infatuated by a youthful Queen that he stole the words of Thomas Ford, passed them off as his own. The same "Australian" prime minister who happily left Australia under prepared and undefended from a Japanese attack, shipping our military to Europe to take part in a war not of our making or concern. Menzies also dragged us into Korea and Vietnam.

And sure, your own war mongering instincts, while safely immune from participation yourself, is why you would align with the war criminal Howard. Bush, Blair, Howard - the triumvirate of evil that gave rise to the modern form of Islamist terrorism.

David said...

Ended conscription for military service.

Introduced Medibank.

Reduced voting age to 18.
Reopened Australian Embassy in China, visited China before Nixon.

Began process of trade liberalisation, cutting tariffs.

Removed sales tax from contraceptives.

Removed University fees and began the great educational awakening of Australia.

reopened the National Wage and Equal Pay cases at the Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Commission.

The Family Law Act providing for a national Family Court was enacted, and simplified, non-punitive divorce laws were introduced.

Ushered in a new era of Australian spirit by dumping God save the Queen, Imperial honours, and The reigning monarch as head of the Church of England in Australia.

Established the National Gallery of Australia, the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australian Heritage Commission, introduced FM radio, pushed for the setting up of 2JJ, a radio established to support Australian music and connect with young Australians. It set up multicultural radio services – 2EA Sydney and 3EA in Melbourne – and issued licences to community radio stations for the first time.

Oversaw the transition of Papua New Guinea from a colony to a nation, without the usual bloodletting of decolonisation.

This is just a partial list of the achievements as Prime Minister of Edward Gough Whitlam. All this, and more, achieved in the face of a hostile Senate, a mid term DD election, and a concerted campaign by the forces of capitalism to resist any change that brought benefit to the people.

Reformed the ALP selection process.

Was he perfect? No. But he achieved a damned sight more in a short period than any other Australian PM.

The Veteran said...

Anon 12.34 ... 'Housing crisis' your words. It's not the government's job to build housing for the masses. It's government's job to create the conditions where private enterprise can build to meet demand. In recent years enterprise has been nobbled by local councils refusing to free up land and the millstone of the RMA which National and ACT tried to fix to be stymied at every step by Labour, NZ First and the Greens and to a lesser degree by the Maori Party and United Future.

Government does have a responsibility to help provide social housing for those in genuine need but that should be a transient exercise rather than a long term option. Buying a first home is/was NEVER easy nor should it be. Our first home in Wellington came complete with a first mortgage at 18.5% and a second mortgage at 22.5%. Remind me what the rate is now .....

I take my hat off to first home buyers who make the commitment and in doing so are prepared to go without holidays for a year or too and resist the temptation to furnish the home with all mod cons on the never, never. Their reward is two/three/four years out when suddenly everything gets a bit easier. It's called getting ahead and people are the best drivers of that rather than any government.

But those on the left side of the political divide are blind to this simple reality.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Whitlam was never a starter. He surrounded himself with idiots and they brought him undone.

Anonymous said...

Houses are now over ten times the average wage, how are young people or even middle class ever supposed to be able to save for a large deposit and to survive. When I purchased my house, the cost was only three times the average wage, so much much easier. You are comparing apples with oranges, it's no longer a level playing field, and the govt is responsible for allowing overseas investors to push up prices to such crazy levels. Govt takes high taxes, it is responsible, and its created this mess, immigration is the other elephant in the room, the one they pretend doesn't exist.

Not anon.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


In 1972 I campaigned for the Liberals. I was a liberal Party branch Vice Chairman. (there were not many members so we had to assume positions of responsibility.)

We got our man elected. (Ian Viner in Stirling after 45 years of Labor representation.

I, lke many of my colleagues was glad to see the end of the fool MCMahon and had high hopes and respect for Whitlam. That respect quickly turned to contempt as he kowtowed to Indonesia over the murder of Australian journalists by Indonesian troops in east Timot; as he attempted to sell Australian foreign policy to Iraq in return for a massive loan with commission passing to the ALP to fund its past election debts and future election expenses. He id this y illegally excluding the Governor General from the Executive Council decision which approved the loan

He was a craven crook and set the scene for the later craven crooks, Gillard and Rudd.

paul scott said...

I changed my medicine and Key was still the same " pragmatic" cynical shame that he was before. The Nat party via Key magnificently increased co-Governance, Race based privilege, Corporate welfare, housing price dysfunction, lack of regional development, and did not manage the earthquake crisis.. Christchurch is a mess
and Slackjaw saw the bad news coming shortly after Kaikoura and ran away to hide somewhere. As well he was utterly dishonest, over NZ intelligence service.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Jobless lies and then accuses me of lying.

He was banned long a go for abusive behaviour.

As for rebuttal and proof? For him they are dog turds dressed up like candy floss.

Anonymous said...

This isn't an exercise in pursuit of the perfect PM but is about the best PM. I put Key on top unquestionably,not so sure about Holyoake as his years were comparatively straightforward ones...I think I would place Norman Kirk there or thereabouts.