Friday, May 5, 2017


HRH Prince Philip, has at the age of ninety five announced he will withdraw from scheduled appointments in August but may still choose to attend some at his wish.

The speculative dramatic responses from talking heads was so entertaining.
The previous day The consort replete with his hideous if distinctive Marylebone Cricket Club tie seemed to be working well at a function at the home of cricket, Lords.
That did not cause even a pause in the frantic response from an increasingly inept media from going full retard because a meeting was called for the royal household staff.
Camilla pregnant, Queen Elizabeth  abdicating, Prince Charles heir apparent to be bypassed for William to take the chalice, The old chap gone Gaga, The Wales to divorce, and it was merely a meeting to forestall such speculation when an old man announced at his own volition to step back while continuing to give his wife and sovereign the same support he has unflinchingly delivered since marriage in the post WW2 times.

One of the most endearing things about Philip Battenburg was his tireless and total commitment to Her Majesty's devotion to duty and to make that support seem real, human and comprehensible  his many quips that came from his background and demonstrated a determination to be himself.
So a fat kid would struggle to become an astronaut, true observation.
Just take the F*&#ing Photo to an over fussy Photographer trying to marshal a bunch of RAF Vets at the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain reunion. He was there in 1940 and at 90 odd, time does become front and center.

He was the man for the times, a serving Naval Officer who had the heir to the throne fall in love with him as an aide d camp to the Royal household, I often wonder if he gave much thought as to what he was in for.
As for the idle chatter around how Her Majesty will deal with her advancing years it was all garbage for those who have an understanding of her history.
Her Mother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon never forgave David , her Brother in Law who submerged his selfish infatuation for an American divorcee and abdicated rather than accept the total submission to perform the role he was born to fulfill as the never crowned King Edward Vlll.
The death of George Vl that led to her accession at the age of twenty six also left a scar.
Queen Elizabeth ll has gone on to smash records of reign, now the longest serving monarch in the history of England and the United Kingdom and The Duke of Edinburgh has been there for those years of service.

Clickbait and speculative fake news have no place around the constitutional structures of the monarchy but sadly they have no idea what may make that so emphatically necessary.

So Phil the Greek, continue to do it your way, you earned that right years ago, and thanks to you for that service.


The Veteran said...

Well said GD ... one very small correction. My understanding is that the Queen became 'interested' in him when she, along with her parents, visited the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth in 1939. Phillip, then a young midshipman, was assigned to entertain her and Margaret. There is a delightful photograph of both them playing croquet together.

Brickbats to the Sun newspaper for their reporting the Duke was dead. They can however be excused (if excuse is the right word) because they are the Sun and getting it wrong is what the Sun does best.

Johno said...

All true. And he's hilariously funny. Every time the media claims he's made a gaffe I sit up and see what irreverent non PC-gag he's pulled.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Damned right!

gravedodger said...

I concur Vet, I will just admit it slipped my mind.

A remarkable relationship in such stress filled times.