Wednesday, May 3, 2017

An Absolute Burster

One of the very best political cartoons I've seen for a very long time.

Over at Whaleoil. 


Note the subtle humour:-

They couldn't fit those buttock tats onto a single page.


The Veteran said...

Wot, no WRP .... but, but, but Paul sez he's gonna be PM in a Labour/Green/Winston First Government (ignoring the fact that Peters said that he would never serve alongside the Greens in cabinet ... and Peters doesn't lie does he?).

Lolita brother said...

No, I said that Peters will not join a Labour/Green coalition, but in the unlikely event he did, it would be as PM. The deals will be with NAt. Three Ministerials, and Finlayson and Smith dropped. At 19% of votes the bargaining might be even tougher.

paul scott said...

Here is Winston/s tax cut policy on Whale > Its a bit difficult to fit into my head because there are Police, Health, Housing, Regional Dvelopment polcies to cost up mmm > but this tax cut announcement cut down even more the likelihood of LAB/ GR/ NZF