Friday, May 5, 2017


This is a pictorial essay of Waiouru as it is now.  It was beautifully compiled by Hannah Rolfe, niece of Jim Rolfe, well remembered by many of you who served in 'brown'.

Bob Davies captures the essence of the book in his forward when he refers to 'its timeless seasonal beauty is as those of us who ever chased the bugle, marched on its parade grounds, dug a trench or trod its paths fondly remember'.

Hannah Rolfe is a brilliant photographer with her own company, HR Photography, established in 2012.   Congratulations to Hannah and highly recommended to all.   Not overly cheap at $80 which includes p&p but $25 of that is donated to the Fallen Heroes Trust.    Order through or phone Hannah on 027-7494184.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Our Bob does have en eloquent turn of phrase.

On recently removing the New Zealand Operational Service Medal and the New Zealand General Service Medal 1992 Warlike from his awards in protest at them being awarded to the The Maori Volcanics and other musicians who were paid to entertain in Vietnam and who were never in the slightest danger, Bob described the two medals as being for "Fucking Banjo Pluckers"

In contrast we have a small cohort of other Vets, usually with far less or non existent operational service who persist in wearing gongs that they have purchased and self awarded.

The Veteran said...

TTSS ... yes, and there are others still agitating to be awarded a medal for their Singapore (1970s/80s) service ... give me strength.

You may not have picked up on this but 'our' Bob is about to undergo chemo/radiotherapy following the removal of a tumour.

Noel said...

TTS they didn't gain much. The Operational Service Medal was a a possible sop during early negotiations with the Government of the day which didn't return anything else that was tangible.
The NZ General Service Medal 1992 to was definitely a sop because the Joint Working Group claimed that to retain the Australian Medal with NZ Warrant and issue another medal would be just that.

I don't wear them along with the NZ Defence Medal which is meant to be a significant recognition to those who through no fault of their own were never able to secure a posting where other medals were issued.

Noel said...

I should also explain why I picked them up.
My wife was asking if there were medals for her deceased brother.
As I had no way of knowing his opinion I applied for the forms on her behalf.
After receiving the medals she received a letter from Defence Medals saying they had medals for another at the same address. Initally I told her to tell them they can keep the retrospective medals as I already had three for my service.
But then it ocurred to me that some poor sod would have to carry out a yearly audit.

Gerald said...

Wasn't the Operational Medal costed out at around $27.50 per meda?