Saturday, April 29, 2017


The April 10th issue of The Women's Weekly has a heart warming promo on its cover for "The Dream Team", Jacinda and Andrew and don't think for a moment a camera cant tell porkies.

No it was not in our home, the rag mag made its appearance but via the interwebby and discovering it as Lunch was about to be served, it had a serious appetite suppression effect.

Now the enduring mystery as to why election promotion is exempt from scrutiny by the advertising standards authority was never better exposed than this nausea inducing effort of a twenty something model being hit on by a vigorous young male (that is the impression it presented to me) with copious use of air brushing, enhancement and lighting. The Male was described a a prolific 'dad joker' who impressed the vulnerable younger woman with talk of Pizza sans pineapple and even managed a dig at the PM, (not pictured) for liking 'pineapple on everything' as if in the context of the article such an allegation  might be relevant.

Earlier it was North and South cover revealing  a very comely matron with a gaggle of sycophants huddled at her tatted limbs seeking Mana from the sauce.
Cant hope for huntin n fishin coming home for Billy Boy or the great redeemer from the far North as it is just a megaphone for the great drain robbery with padres of the faithful such as Mike Joy(less) preaching doom and disaster from the depredations inflicted by the single biggest NZ wealth creators and their trampling on our pristine environment.

Bah Humbug!

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