Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Normally a decision to "go early"  for a General Election is so obviously cynical and smug and in this move by Teresa May enjoying seriously fulsome support in the opinion polls that could be said.

This is substantially different. Having inherited the Conservative leadership mid term from the now clearly hapless David Cameron in the wake of his miscalculated Brexit manoeuvre it is correct that Mrs May seek a mandate from the electorate to complete the divorce for her country from the increasingly dysfunctional unelected 'Crats' living their playboy existence in Brussels.

The almost dreamtime polling for her party is simply favourable Good Luck and the new Iron Lady will still need to make it work for her, that is her challenge.


Anonymous said...

FULSOME....... offensive to good taste, especially as being excessive; overdone or gross:
fulsome praise that embarrassed her deeply; fulsome décor.

disgusting; sickening; repulsive:
a table heaped with fulsome mounds of greasy foods.

excessively or insincerely lavish:
fulsome admiration.

Got it right this time Dodger.

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

Now eggnog what say you, an opinion of May's snap election move or is that too bigly 4u, far easier to be a total prat and kick an oap from a safe distance.

Jobson Growth said...

Unfortunately, Eggbut, the gravedodger's of the world have almost won this round. Just as they destroyed the utility of decimate, their anti-intellectual stance will ultimately destroy us all. Ooops, they also destroyed the meaning and usage of ultimate, didn't they? Along with disinterested.

And all this comes from those who claim they learned all they needed in the old fashioned cane inspired Three R's schooling.

And, back on topic, it is the anti-intellectualism of the grate unwashed that saw deluded poms vote for Brexit, not understanding just how many billions of pounds this will cost them.

"Theresa May has said she is confident of agreeing a satisfactory trade agreement with the European Union after Brexit".

FFS they HAD a trade deal! Until Farrage stumbled around like a wrecking ball and appealed to the basest among the Dad's Army brigade and threw it all away.

Grand times coming for my uncle who lives in Northern Island and commutes to work in Eire each day. For the first time in his life he will need a passport just to go to work.

Idiots all!

The Veteran said...

Semantics perhaps but it's not May's call. The UK has fixed term Parliaments and the only way for May to call an early election is to have 70% of MPs in Westminster endorse her call. She'll get her way when she puts the motion shortly but the reality is that it's Parliament's call. So why is the parliamentary vote a forgone conclusion? Simple ...

Conservative MPs will vote for it on the basis that they are so far in front of Labour (21% in the last round of polls) there exists the possibility that Labour could be reduced to a rump Party of around 150 seats.

Labour MPs will vote for it because it will clear the way for Corbyn to be dumped following their defeat.

Liberal-Democrat MPs will vote for it because it can't get any worse for them ... the only way for them to go is up.

The UKIP MP would vote for it if he could but he can't since he defected from the Party last month to stand as an Independent.

SNP MP's will vote for it on the basis that their expected white-wash of all other Parties in Scotland will strengthen their position viz a viz the proposed second referendum on Scotland's future as part of the UK.

Northern Ireland MP's will do their thing and vote all over the place except for four Sinn Fein MPs who can't vote because they refuse to take their seats in Westminster and swear the oath of loyalty to the Queen.

The three Plaid Cymru MP's will vote for it on the basis that they have the potential to capture more Labour seats.

The sole Green MP will vote against it because that is what Green MPs do best.

Happy daze.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I love the smell of Lefties' tears in the morning.

Anonymous said...

It will take an exceptionally brave man with a skin of titanium to forecast the results of this election.....factor in the wild cards.. Voter burn out, particularity amongst the late middle aged, 500,000 youngsters are now eligible to vote since the Brexit referendum, collapse of the UKIP vote, young Tories voting LibDem as remainers (see Richmond). Jaguar/Land Rover pride of British engineering have started building their new factory in Slovakia....this will be the most high tech car factory in the world. This has not gone unnoticed in Birmingham, traditional home of Land Rover, where there was a big Brexit vote. BMW have admitted it can't build the Mini in Oxford under WTO rules.

Just on another topic, it seems Troll Adolf's poster boy told the world that he was sending a "powerful armada" to Nth Korean waters and the world believed him. The battle group was in fact heading in the opposite direction for an exercise with the Australian navy (Source, Independent).........Make America funny again. Cue Lefties tears of laughter

Lord Egbut

George said...

Some-one forgets the permanent US Navy presence in bases around the Pacific and up around Japan/Korea.
And I should imagine a number of nuke subs positioned around the penninsular.
The 'fleet' is already there

Anonymous said...

With Landrover being built in Slovakia it may improve their vehicles. LR manufactured a vacuum cleaner once, it was their only product that didn't suck.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


What an excellent one liner!

Anonymous said...

Mick.....can you give me some indication of the faults list of your Range Rover and why you were unhappy with it?

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

I've never owned a Range Rover. My ownership experience is with Land Rovers.
The local mechanics workshop is never without 2 or 3 on the hoists. His yard has L/R, Defenders, Freelanders and RR all with tarps over where the engines should be. Cooked motors, stuffed boxes and unsolved electric problems - his comment is if you own one you'd better have long arms and short pockets.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Can't tell the difference between a Land Rover and a Range Rover.

Says it all.

Anonymous said...

Mick.....I have owned two Rangies and my son in law is on his second Freelander. As usual you are working on hearsay evidence. While you are at it tell the Troll that RR is made by LR in Solihull.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Really thrilled for you there you carry the chip on your shoulder for a wheel chock?
My LR owning experiences weren't stellar.
Observation and hearsay [informed advice] did prevent me from repeating them with other models.