Monday, April 24, 2017

The Part They Didn't Want To Print


'Just for David Farrar and Legbut.'

The Washington  post has published a long dissertation on it's latest opinion poll in which it purports to paint President Trump as the biggest bastard since Genghis Khan.

Way way down at the very end, after yards and yards of 'bad Trump' comes the gold nugget which goes to show voters take little notice of the idiots who write for the WAPO.  God, they must have clenched their teeth and their anal orifices as they wrote.

The new survey finds 46 percent saying they voted for Clinton and 43 percent for Trump, similar to her two-point national vote margin. Asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 43 say they would support Trump and 40 percent say Clinton.

So there you go.  Trump takes out the popular vote as well as the electoral college.

Doesn't this remind you deliciously of  'No matter what we say or what we do....."?

Just goes to show, real live politics is the best comedy around.


Anonymous said...

Utterly speechless..........

Not Anon

gravedodger said...

While on the media vs Trump, Hannity declared no prisoners will be taken for future personal attacks on him and his associates, one snowflake has withdrawn her garbage bin after legal options were advised to her.